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I had no car on Wednesday (Paul took one to work, Adam had the other in College Park) so it was not an exciting day. Even so, lots of work and chores got done, laundry was folded, a whole bunch of product bottles that have been under bathroom sinks for years got washed out and recycled, plus the mother and baby bunny who live in my neighbors' bushes were out when I walked by their house:

In more happy news, Adam got home earlier than he thought he might, just as we were having dinner, and wasn't as tired after fireworks and hanging out with friends in College Park all night, so since he hadn't seen it, we went to see Wonder Woman, and it is still amazing! Adam had issues with the CGI, but since I generally sleep through action sequences, I did not care -- I was looking at Diana!

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It took us a while to get organized on Independence Day -- Adam went to College Park to spend the day and overnight with college friends and some people from work, I worked on organizing the bathroom cabinets, some plans fell through so we made new ones -- but once we went out after lunch, we had a very nice day, primarily at Huntley Meadows Park in Fairfax which we visited after stopping in Tysons to pick up my friend Shalini, whom I've known since the late '90s yet see far too rarely! It was pretty hot out but we saw lots of animals, including many turtles and herons, and though the frogs we could hear all around were hiding, we managed a rare muskrat sighting!

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Paul wanted to go to Not Your Average Joe's for dinner for the last night of their lobster roll special, so we went to the one in Reston but they were out of lobster, so he was cranky, though he got a fish sandwich that placated him somewhat. I had their fabulous goat cheese and raspberry salad and I believe Shalini had tuna. After we dropped her off, we made it home in time for most of A Capitol Fourth and the DC fireworks on television (bombastic as always), then we watched this week's Orphan Black which we'd missed while we were in Richmond (not sure I like all of the presumed deaths that have been reversed this season, and they better not hurt Helena).
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Happy Independence Day! I had lots of catch-up chores on Monday, though Adam worked from home and Paul only had to work half a day. So I don't have a lot to report -- laundry, shelves for the kids' bathroom, bank, food shopping, online stuff.

Here are some more photos from the VMFA's Yves Saint Laurent: The Perfection of Style exhibit -- designs for celebrities and movies, experiments in gender-swapping clothes, some designs adapted (or appropriated) from world cultures:

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Another quickie, as we were in Richmond nearly all day and now we're watching "The Doctor Falls" since we missed it when it aired on Sunday (Orphan Black isn't On Demand yet). After breakfast with Cheryl and her cat, we all met Lin at the VMFA for Yves Saint Laurent: The Perfection of Style, which is a fantastic exhibit even for people not particularly interested in fashion. It's about popular culture, entertainment, and craftsmanship, with everything from the fashion paper dolls he designed for his sisters as a child to dozens of his dresses, suits, and accessories to clips from movies using his designs to displays on how contemporary art, world culture, and gender expectations influenced his clothing.

Then we had lunch at the fantastic Thai restaurant Sabai on its swing benches before going to Da Vinci Alive at the Science Museum of Virginia, which included some exhibits we had seen before at the Maryland Science Center and the National Geographic museum in DC, like the in-depth exploration of the Mona Lisa's evolution, plus some we had never seen before, including a massive walk-through cinematic display on multiple screens. On the way back to Cheryl's house to get our things, we took a walk at Deep Run Park, where we saw a snake, a skink, a frog, several turtles, and lots of squirrels. The traffic going home wasn't bad and Adam had fed the cats between his own social activities!

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Quickie as we are just back from Hamilton Live at the Dell in Dogwood Dell in Richmond where we arrived after 3 1/2 hours in atrocious traffic. The show was wonderful (first half jazz standards and original music; second half all songs from Hamilton, mostly with the huge crowd singing along. We brought veggie Chinese food from Eat Rice near Stories Comics where we met Cheryl. Tomorrow, Richmond museums!

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Happy birthday Canada and happy anniversary Paul! I had chores to do Friday but they were mostly enjoyable -- watching baseball while folding laundry, going to A.C. Moore to get frames for new artwork, checking Target for bathroom etageres (too wide for the space), framing and hanging things. I tried to join a big Pokemon Go raid, but when I arrived, two of the four people decided we needed more to defeat the Snorlax, so I settled for a little Quilava raid instead.

We had dinner with my parents, a bit shortened because Adam had decided five minutes before we left to go to a movie with friends (Baby Driver, which he thought was pretty good). Paul and I watched Another Country because I got in the mood for it watching other British spy-related movies this week; it's still great. Since we are going to Virginia tomorrow, here are some photos from the Monroe Museum in Fredericksburg earlier this year:

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I got to see Alice and Avery again on Thursday! They came over in the morning and we went to the mall after a stop at the park for a Pokemon raid...which we won, though it was only a Magikarp. Avery had McDonalds, Alice had Cava, and I had Mirch Masala for lunch, then we did a little shopping -- primarily GameStop for Avery and Sephora for me and Alice (where we got awesome samples of Tom Ford's Tobacco Vanille eau de parfum, which tragically we will never be able to afford). When Avery had enough, we came back to the house to pet cats.

When Paul got home, we ran out to Giant to get cheese for the bread he had found earlier in the farmer's market and had that for dinner (plus a chocolate croissant, also from the farmer's market). Then we watched The Tailor of Panama because Cheryl and I felt like a Geoffrey Rush movie after Genius (and I didn't have The Banger Sisters and she didn't have The Book Thief). Adam watched too. From the archives, Richmond's Great Shiplock Park, former site of the Confederate Navy Yard and the Trigg Shipyard:

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We may have gotten the van back from the dealer Tuesday night but I forgot that Adam needed it to get to College Park all day Wednesday, so I still had no transportation! The good news is, more chores got done and some things got cleaned and sorted in the kitchen that probably haven't been pulled out since we moved in, but tomorrow I am definitely getting out of the house and walking in a park! Adam had a good day; after work with his lab partners, he had dinner with one friend and hung out with some others, and tomorrow someone is picking him up from work to work on an app.

We watched part of the Nationals game after dinner, but because Cheryl and I were excited about The Greatest Showman trailer, which stars Hugh Jackman and Michelle Williams among others, we got in the mood to watch Deception since both of them are in it (along with Ewan McGregor, who is always a pleasure as a nerdy accountant). It's not a very good movie and I like the alternate ending a lot better than the theatrical one, but it's hard to look away from Hugh and the Nationals won even without us watching. From Catoctin last weekend, the Browns Farm ruins:

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Had no vehicle, spent pretty much all day in the house, got bunches of chores done including rearranging stuff in my bedroom all morning after some culprit (I cannot identify which one) knocked down a massive previously-well-balanced stack of Barbie dolls and jewelry, sorted laundry, took a couple of walks because it was gorgeous out, and spent the entire rest of the day trying to finish a Shutterfly book of Seattle photos before our remaining coupon expired at midnight.

At first I thought my computer was slow, but not even Paul's much newer computer could make it work. Life lesson I should have learned from the last time: do not count on Shutterfly working on a day there's a big coupon expiring. Otherwise, not an eventful day, only got out to pick the van up in the evening! Adam, who watched the last episode of Genius with us, gave us an adorable (he says tacky) snow globe from Greece plus some herbs that made it through the airport:

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I had no vehicle on Monday, since Paul took one to work after dropping Adam off at NIH and the other was waiting to be seen by the Toyota dealership, so Alice and her son Avery very kindly came to visit and take me out! We went to the Original Pancake House (I had no pancakes, I had eggs and hash browns), then to Cabin John Park to walk around. Avery convinced me to try a Pokemon Go raid against a Flareon that was way too big for the two of us to take down with no one else participating, and I still need potions to heal my Omastar and Kabutops, but it was fun being in a raid with someone else! I spent the rest of my spare time finishing a Shutterfly photo book about one of our Seattle trips, no thanks to Shutterfly whose site did not want to allow me to upload photos at a reasonable speed.

When Paul and Adam returned, we went out to Giant and did chores I couldn't have done with no vehicle, had tacos for dinner, and watched the second-to-last episode of Genius since Adam missed it due to traveling. We then watched the final inning of the almost-amazing end of the Nationals-Cubs game, during which the Nats went from 5-0 to 5-4 but could not manage to win the game! From one year ago today, here are photos from the Virginia Historical Society's Gridiron Glory football exhibit, including several items belonging to Richmond's own Willie Lanier like his Super Bowl IV ring, and far too many uniforms and artifacts of the Washington Redskins (who now do their spring training in Richmond), for which I apologize but they were my team growing up and I knew my dad would appreciate this:

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