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Romance )

Monday was a really pretty day out. Alice came over early to pick up Maddy and take her to get manicures, so I did chores while they were gone, including putting together a storage bench with legs and doing laundry. We hung out a bit when they got back, then Alice went home and Paul came to the mall with myself and Maddy so we could all get froyo after I picked something up at Sears.

We stopped briefly at the park, then came home and watched most of the Orioles' opening day game against the Blue Jays (it was a good opening day -- the Os beat Toronto, the Nats beat Miami). Then like a lot of America we watched the very close Gonzaga-NC NCAA tournament final, and I don't understand why Gonzaga didn't try for the 3. Some more pics of the eagles at Riverbend Park:

Raising Babies )
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Causing an Accident )

We thought about going to Baltimore on Saturday for Light City, but Paul's back was bothering him and it's a huge amount of walking, so we postponed that till later in the week and instead picked up Alice and Avery (Jeremy was out of town) to go to Riverbend Park, where the bluebells are just starting to peak. The parking lot was crowded but the park itself only was around the nature center, so we had plenty of views of the flowers as well as the bald eagles with chicks in their nest in an island in the river! And Avery and I caught lots of Magikarp, though not shiny ones:

Riverbend Spring )

We stopped at the food store and CVS, but made it home for most of the South Carolina-Mississippi State women's basketball final (having interviewed Dawn Staley for a Philadelphia sports magazine when she was a teenager, I was rooting for the former, though I'd probably root for any team coached by a woman over a team coached by a man until there's more parity in sports). In the evening we watched the end of The Halcyon, which was very enjoyable but will be very frustrating if there's not a sequel series, then we watched this week's Billions, on which Axe was a real shit!
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Halcyon Days )

Maddy had an interview Saturday morning for a job at California Pizza Kitchen -- which I am very happy to report that she got! -- and after dropping her off, we went to meet my parents and sister for lunch at Seasons 52 before Nicole went to the airport to fly home. Then Paul and I stopped at Whole Foods before going to Great Falls to see the finally-blooming Virginia bluebells!

April Flowers )

Our evening TV was basketball -- first the Gamecocks-Bulldogs, and I'm happy Gonzaga won, but they had better beat North Carolina because I didn't care who won the tournament as long as it wasn't NC! Now we're watching The Halcyon, which a British friend told me I should watch, and I'm enjoying it though I've heard rumors it won't have a second season, which is a bummer!
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April Fool )

My mother's best friends of many years threw her a birthday party at La Ferme on Friday at lunchtime and Nicole flew in for the occasion! So I spent most of the day with family, including Maddy who had assorted paperwork hiccups with her college classes and work-related stress. After we dropped her off, we had dinner with my parents and sister, caught up on Designated Survivor, and now we're celebrating the fantastic end of the UConn-Mississippi State game!

Another Party )
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Sonnet )

I ran around all day on Thursday and I am very tired. I had a lab appointment in the morning for blood work for my annual physical next week, meaning I had to drive with my blood sugar crashing after drinking too much water but no food for at least 10 hours. (At least they let me lie down while taking my blood and gave me orange juice afterward.) I ran home, grabbed a quick breakfast, and raced out again to go to the dentist for my semiannual cleaning, which thankfully this time involved no waterboarding!

I got home just as the Verizon truck was leaving, having restored our internet, yay! We dropped Maddy off at the mall and went to pick up a freecycled bed frame for the queen bed we picked up for her the other day, then stopped at Home Depot to get wheels to replace the missing ones on the frame. Maddy was out for dinner so we had bangers and mash and caught up on early-week TV: Madam Secretary, Elementary, Supergirl, The Flash. 20th century toys at the Virginia Historical Society:

Old Toys )
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A Red Flower )

Our internet is out and Verizon is giving us a big B.S. runaround about when it will be fixed (it's something outside the house, meaning we need a truck, and it's not the whole neighborhood, meaning we're not a priority. So my photos are not uploaded, my emails are not answered, and pretty much all other online chores are not finished, but the laundry has been washed and we went to the mall with Maddy for As Kindred Spirits' going out of business sale and had froyo.

I also got to enjoy spring in the neighborhood, which right now involves the remaining daffodils and cherry blossoms plus hyacinths and the first tulips. Since we couldn't watch any television, we watched pre-recorded British shows: a couple of episodes of Broadchurch and a couple of episodes of The Halcyon (the latter quite interesting with a lot of messy, not very likeable characters). Some of Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens' flowers:

Petals in the Rain )
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Paul and I are home after a wonderful day in Williamsburg and Richmond with Cheryl -- the former to see Botticelli and the Search for the Divine at the Muscarelle Museum of Art on the campus of the College of William and Mary (we also saw The Art and Science of Connoisseurship, an exhibit on authenticating the work of artists, and Written in Confidence: The Unpublished Letters of James Monroe, correspondence mostly between close friends). Then we had a quick lunch at Noodles and Company and went to Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden, where it was raining when we arrived and for a little while when we were in the Tree House but was mostly gorgeous and not at all crowded because of the weather. Because Olive Garden had a deal the night before that if you bought one entree, you got another to take home, we had pasta waiting for us for dinner at Cheryl's before we drove home. Here are a few pics:

Williamsburg and Richmond )
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I am in Richmond with Paul, where we have had a lovely very full day with Cheryl and Kevin -- lunch at Greek Cuisine, Toys of the '50s, '60s and 70s and The Fine Art of Children's Book Illustration at the Virginia Historical Society, The Rachel Lambert Mellon Collection of Jean Schlumberger jewelry exhibit at the VMFA, a walk around the frog-filled lake at Deep Run Park, a visit to Kevin's house to see his son, dinner at Olive Garden, and a viewing of Mystery Men at Cheryl's house. In the morning we're going to Williamsburg to see Botticelli and the Search for the Divine! Some pics of the toys, jewelry, and a duck:

Richmond )
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Sea Lily )

Sunday was much colder and greyer than Saturday, not least because we had to take Adam back to school for the rest of the spring semester. We had a mostly quiet morning involving various chores and keeping cats warm, then we took son food shopping, grabbed lunch, and took him to his dorm to finish his spring break homework.

We picked up Maddy from work and were going to have a quiet dinner, but someone I know locally was Freecycling a queen mattress and box spring, so Maddy and I went to pick that up for her room, which required four people to tie it on top of the minivan and three to get it down and take it upstairs, but now her room has a big bed!

Paul and I watched To Walk Invisible, a film about Emily, Charlotte, and Anne Bronte with an annoyingly apt title for a movie that obsesses about their brother and his disappointed hopes vis a vis their father rather than on their independent interests. Here are some more photos of the cherry blossoms from yesterday:

Cherry Blossoms II )
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Sakura )

Because the weather was lovely and the cherry blossoms were reported to be as close to peak as we're going to get this season, we went downtown Saturday morning to see what there was to see. I know a lot of the flowers were ruined by the snow, but it was hard to tell except up close; from a distance the trees looked a bit pinker than usual, and there were plenty of pretty clusters of blossoms. Since we got down early, we only hit major crowds as we were walking back to the car, having concluded that the lines at the food trucks were too long, so we went to Lebanese Taverna for lunch instead and it was great.

Cherry Blossoms )

Maddy had to work for much of the day, so we didn't see her till late in the evening, before which we watched some basketball (with the Maryland women now out of the tournament, I will root for both Oregon teams, though as long as UNC doesn't win the men's tournament, I won't complain too much whatever happens). In the evening we watched Independence Day: Resurgence with Adam on HBO, and while it's not a particularly good movie, it's not nearly as bad as, say, Batman v. Superman, so I'm not sure why the reviews were so terrible. It's kind of the Equilibrium of alien invasion movies only without Sean Bean.
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Basketball )

Friday was Paul's birthday and we spent the entire day with family. We took Adam and Maddy to Hanover to see their grandparents and have lunch at Hibachi Buffet Grill followed by cake back at their house, then we drove home, dropped Maddy off at work, met Christine at our house, and went to my parents' for dinner and more cake!

Over the course of the evening we discovered that Christine had never seen Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, and since we've been meaning to see it again since we got back from Carcassonne since so much of it was filmed there, we watched that. After Christine went home, we Skyped with Daniel. Now we're hoping Wisconsin comes back against Florida!

Birthday Day )
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Epilogue )

Adam had lots of homework on Thursday and Maddy was fighting with her financial aid paperwork for school, so we had another quiet morning doing assorted chores. In the afternoon Maddy was meeting friends from work at the mall and we took Adam to get him new sneakers, plus we got Menchie's froyo now that there's one in the mall (it was pretty good but I think Yogi Castle is pretty good too, and neither one is Cold Stone Creamery).

The news over the past two days have been so stressful that we spent the evening watching basketball -- we're very sorry Purdue lost, ambivalent about the Michigan game because we generally support Big 10 teams but our Oregon relatives are very happy, and very proud of Xavier for beating Arizona (now it's less awful that Maryland lost to them). Here are some more photos from Frying Pan Farm Park earlier in the week:

Down on the Farm )
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Moon Missing )

Maddy worked early and Adam had plans for lunch and hiking with a friend from school, so Paul and I did chores, had lunch together, and went for a walk in the park where there are now buttercups instead of crocuses and light green leaves coming in to replace sickly brownish flowers on the trees. I spent the rest of the afternoon screaming at PayPal and Groupon on the phone (warning: Groupon will try to refund non-delivered items with Groupon Bucks, pretending they can't refund PayPal purchases).

Adam and Maddy came home for dinner (homemade deep-dish pizza), and Christine, who had been at the beach with her parents, came to visit. She had not seen Doctor Strange, which we just got on Blu-Ray, so we watched the movie plus the deleted scenes and gag reel -- we all agreed that the deleted scenes had some fairly important character moments that established why we should care about Strange and why Kaecilius was evil. Here are some animals we saw yesterday along the C&O Canal:

Canal Early Spring )
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Dream of Heaven )

Alice came to visit Maddy on Tuesday and we all ended up having lunch together at Bombay Bistro, which has lots of vegetarian choices and always has kheer which is awesome. After Alice went home to retrieve her son, we went to walk along the C&O Canal, which almost looked like spring -- some daffodils, some turtles, some ducks and geese, some crazy squirrels! We also discovered that Adam had never seen The Big Chill, so in honor of Jeff Goldblum, we watched it for the first time in years -- still the best soundtrack ever.

By the Canal )

Paul made shish kebab and Mediterranean couscous for Nowruz, then we watched The Flash musical episode, which was awesome -- in addition to the two Glee stars from that and Supergirl, we got gratuitous John Barrowman and Victor Garber, a pair of gay dads, and a better ending than La La Land. Then we were going to watch The Fly but our copy was crappy, so we watched The Favour, the Watch and the Very Big Fish, in which Goldblum, Hoskins, and Richardson are hilarious and the plot is insane!
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The Farmer )

Monday was a very nice day -- not too warm but partly sunny -- so after lunch and some homework by everyone, we went to Frying Pan Farm Park (which I always have to explain is named for its panhandle, not because anyone cooks the animals!) to see the lambs, kids, piglets, and calves born there this spring. There were lots of baby piggies belonging to two different moms, a Duroc and a Yorkshire cross, and a trio of jumping Suffolk and Dorset lambs, plus there were horses, bunnies, chickens, turkeys, ducks, peacocks, more goats and cows, plus interloper pigeons and geese!

On the Farm )

We went to the Silver Diner since we had a coupon for Paul's upcoming birthday, then we went to both Trader Joe's and World Market, the latter in part because we were looking for avocado lime dressing for Maddy but we couldn't find it in either place. Adam has been on a Jeff Goldblum kick, so since he had never seen it, after Supergirl (which needed WAY less Winn and WAY more Sorbo and Hatcher), we watched Earth Girls Are Easy, which I haven't seen probably since it was new. I know how politically incorrect it is but it's also hilarious and has great music!
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Robin Hood )

I had plans on Sunday to go downtown with my family and Cheryl to see the cherry blossoms, but there are very few cherry blossoms -- the early ones died and the late ones haven't opened yet. So instead after lunch we went to Arclight, where Maddy had to work and the rest of us went to see Logan since Adam hadn't seen it yet and the other three of us were happy to see it again. Despite the violence it may be my favorite X-Men movie since the first, though I feel like it's better appreciated by people who've seen the other eight and know the history of the main characters. It feels shorter than its 2+ hours.

We spotted a bunny when we drove home, so we went for a walk to see it up close. Then we watched the end of the second season and beginning of the third season of Robin of Sherwood, which we need to remember to watch more often because I always enjoy it immensely (I've never seen the whole series before). After Cheryl went home, we had tofurkey roast because it's one of Adam's favorites and watched this week's Madam Secretary which he mocked throughout (which is typical for him watching political shows). From Brookside Gardens last weekend, some snow, the season's first turtle, and some greenhouse family pics:

Wintry Wheaton )
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Elegy Composed in the New York Botanical Garden )

We had a slow morning, as both Adam and Maddy slept till after noon, which I foolishly spent doing laundry instead of making my free one-day special Shutterfly magnets that I worked on tonight so I'm very behind on social media! Once everyone was awake, we had sandwiches, took Maddy to work, and went to Brookside Gardens for its orchid show and the water paths. The cherry blossoms that were opening earlier this month have all turned brown and the daffodils are drooping, but there are still lots of flowers in the conservatory.

Orchidaceae )

We came home to the news that Wisconsin had defeated Villanova, which is fine with all of us -- my sister was a Badger -- and watched most of the Northwestern-Gonzaga game, which Gonzaga may have won but they were upstaged by 1) bad officiating and 2) Northwestern Crying Boy. I can't deal with basketball all day and son couldn't care, so in the evening we watched I Love You Phillip Morris, which none of us had seen, was free On Demand, and I've been in a Ewan mood this week. I liked it much better than American Pastoral!
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Fast Break )

Adam's spring break started on Friday, so since we needed to be in College Park anyway and several games of the first round of the women's NCAA tournament were being played there, we picked up my father and went to the Xfinity Center to watch Maryland play Bucknell -- a wonderful antidote to the Maryland men's terrible defeat to Xavier though not a super-exciting game considering that Maryland won 103-61, setting a school scoring record.

We had lunch at the stadium (which has veggie burgers even when the full food court isn't open) and watched the beginning of the West Virginia-Elon game (which was very close at the half though not by the end), then went to meet Adam at the student union, where we got St. Patrick's Day ice cream at the dairy while waiting for him. The seating area backs up to the baseball stadium, so we got to see a bit of the Maryland-Princeton game while we ate.

Round One )

Once we had retrieved Adam, we came home to get Maddy, who arrived back in the area very late from L.A. after a delay due to the snow, and dropped her off at work, then went to my parents' house for dinner. Adam has a lot of homework to do over his break and wants to get as much sleep as possible, so our plans for the week are very up in the air, especially since the cherry blossoms are mostly dead and we may get more flurries on Sunday morning!
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To Daffodils )

Thursday was less cold than Wednesday, but not warm enough to make the remaining snow go away. Our roads are clear and the sidewalks aren't too bad, but the neighborhood paths are iced over and the snow has a crust of ice on top. I had lunch plans with Karen but I had scheduling issues and she threw out her back, so we postponed, and Paul and I went to get haircuts and went food shopping.

We had dinner early because the Terrapins played their first game in the NCAA tournament...which, as it turns out, will be their last game in the NCAA tournament, and the less said about that, the better. I was too depressed for more basketball so we watched some 9th season Bones. Here are some photos of what my neighborhood looked like today as the daffodils and lenten roses tried to recover through the snow:

Snow Survivors )
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Horses On The Camargue )

It was very cold on Wednesday and what snow remained had crusted over with ice, so we didn't do a lot out of doors and I don't have a lot of excitement to report. In fact the biggest activity of my afternoon was a fight with Facebook, which changed the dates and in some cases the positions in the album of trip photos I had uploaded (the dates still aren't right, most of them appear to be the last day we were traveling, but I'm not fixing all 300 of them tonight).

We had Caesar salad with pasta for the Ides of March, then we watched The 100, which was stressful and good as always, and Designated Survivor, which seems finally to have realized how badly it had stalled on its premise and forced annoying characters to the forefront since it made major leaps concerning the conspiracy and shutting certain people up. Here are photos from the Parc Ornithologique de Pont-de-Gau in the Camargue, where flamingos migrate and ponies run free:

Camargue Wildlife )


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