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I spent Monday decompressing with Cheryl, which was awesome. We picked up Elevation Burgers (and cheese fries and milkshakes) and watched several great British films, including Miss Austen Regrets, which I had never seen (like most Austen biopics, it was sad and a bit too obsessed with men, but also very well acted), and two very longtime Merchant-Ivory favorites, A Room With a View and Maurice.

Apart from a brief trip to the mall to buy the last two Harry Potter rings at the Alex and Ani store, that was our day. After Cheryl went home, I had faux fish sticks for dinner with Paul and Maddy, then we watched Monday night's The Gifted and Sunday night's Madam Secretary because the sports scores were not pleasing us. From the Prospect Park Zoo in Brooklyn on Sunday, some of the indoor animals:

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We're back in Maryland after Uncle Larry's memorial service, which was lovely and sad -- he was very involved with the Boy Scouts for most of his life, and many of the people he'd befriended and mentored over the years spoke about how important he was to them. Earlier in the day we visited the Prospect Park Zoo, where my mother and her brother used to go with their father as children, and had lunch at the Bagel Pub, which is apparently the hip place to have bagels and was very crowded and very delicious. We stopped for dinner at a Subway near the Maryland House, which was even more crowded and had long waits, and dropped Adam off in College Park on the way home. Since I'm very tired, most on all this tomorrow.

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I am in Brooklyn with Paul and Adam for my Uncle Larry's funeral on Sunday. We picked Adam up in College Park, stopped at the Delaware House for lunch, and arrived in New York late in the afternoon after a brief stop at a mall to get Adam a dress shirt and tie since he thought for some reason we were going back home before continuing north so he could pick them up there.

Since we still had a few hours of daylight, we went to the Battery, which I don't believe I've ever visited before. My friend Mary had posted pictures recently of the Seaglass Carousel and I was dying to see it -- and ride it! I also hadn't realized there were such great views of the Statue of Liberty, the Staten Island Ferry, and the clipper ships that launch nearby.

We went to Tomato and Basil for pizza and had a funny experience, in that we were in line in front of actor Ben Shenkman whom I knew I recognized but thought he might be someone I knew from college or something. (The pizza was excellent.) Adam had some homework to do, so we spent the late evening watching Days of Future Past at the hotel. Here are some pics of the carousel and park:

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Apart from coughing, I had a very nice Friday that was mostly occupied with my friend Annmarie's retirement from the Army -- ceremony at Fort Belvoir followed by reception and cake in the morning, dinner party at her house in the evening, with many of her friends including one from San Diego whom we haven't seen in several years. But Flickr tried very hard to stop me from uploading photos tonight while we caught up on the first episode of The Gifted, and now I am very tired! Here are three photos of Annmarie's cats and a fourth of a neighbor's cat who snuck out and tried to hide in the storm drain:

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My Thursday involved a lot of cough syrup, a lot of coughing, a few chores and not a lot else -- drove Maddy to work, stopped at CVS looking for miracle cures, visited with my neighbor Rose who is house- and cat-sitting again for us this weekend and wanted to give Cinnamon some snuggles.

We watched The Orville (not its best -- too many casualties casually accepted for my preference, no old Trek-esque speeches) around the beginning and end of the Nationals-Cubs game which was stressful that it's just as well! From the Maryland Renaissance Festival's Reptile World:

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Guess what I did all day Wednesday? If you guessed "coughed," you would be right. I was still nervous about driving because the cough is a little less frequent but at this point is giving me cramps because it's so intense. Niece worked most of the day and I ended up taking a nap in the middle of the afternoon because non-drowsy cough medicine doesn't work nearly as well as non-non-drowsy cough medicine. The only real excitement in my day was Designated Survivor, which wasn't that exciting though it was better than the season premiere (so many women, so many men rescuing them).

We've been watching Inspector Morse reruns on Wednesday nights but I have to admit that I find it really misogynistic. This week, a woman slept with her husband's boss after the boss threatened to block the husband's promotion if she didn't, and when the husband found out, he chased her threatening to kill her until she fell down the stairs and died, and Morse felt sorry for the husband because the evil boss ruined his marriage -- nothing about the fact that the husband was directly responsible for his wife's death! Here are some photos from the Renaissance faire:

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My Tuesday was a lot like my Monday only with more coughing -- so much that I was afraid to drive because I wasn't sure I could control my foot on the gas or brake. So I will keep this short, since I got very little done besides tracking down where Americans can buy the Yuri on Ice soundtrack and maybe accidentally watching some old Torvill and Dean videos.

Maybe it's because I'm so cranky, but the season premiere of The Flash did not do a lot for me until the end -- so many women, so little agency -- and catching up on Inhumans did even less for me. I should have watched the US men's soccer team lose their opportunity to play in the World Cup instead! From outside the amusement park at Coney Island:

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My Monday was pretty much a waste because I had a bad sore throat and no voice and couldn't stop coughing despite Robitussin. I consider the fact that I got everything unpacked a success. I had faux chicken soup for lunch, tomato soup for dinner, plenty to drink, and lots of cough drops that made me vaguely nauseous all afternoon.

We watched the season premiere of Supergirl, which had too little Cat Grant but plenty of Lena and Supercorp, so I enjoyed it. Then we watched most of the very close Vikings-Bears game, though I wasn't really paying attention because Daisy kept hurking and Cinnamon didn't want to be brushed. Coral from the New York Aquarium on Sunday:

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We were going to drive straight home on Sunday morning, since we had lots of chores to do and we're going to be back in New York soon for Larry's funeral. But since we were so close to Coney Island, we decided to stop and see the beachfront, and then we decided to go to the New York Aquarium which we had last visited before Hurricane Sandy, which destroyed several buildings and required the relocation of many animals. The aquarium is still in the middle of rebuilding, so there isn't as much to see, but there are still penguins and marine mammals in the outdoor tanks and lots of fish inside:

We had lunch at Surf City Pizzeria, which is right across the street from the famous Cyclone roller coaster and the Wild River log flume, though the amusement park was relatively empty since it rained on and off all morning. It rained on and off while we drove home as well, with one stop at the Delaware House to get drinks and cough medicine since I have developed a horrible head cold that I'm hoping I didn't give the rest of my family the way Adam gave it to me. We had soup for dinner and watched Madam Secretary, though I am too tired to say anything coherent about it -- more tomorrow.

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My Uncle Larry, my mother's only brother, passed away this morning while we were on the way to the hospital to see him. I'm sad and sorry I didn't get to see him one last time, but he was in so much pain last night that I'm also relieved he is out of pain and enormously grateful that we got here while he was conscious and able to have a conversation. My mother stayed with him all night.

After we met my parents at the hospital and they made many calls to make arrangements, we went out for (truly exceptional) New York pizza, then went to his apartment to get a sense of what might need to be moved, donated, discarded, and kept as family mementos. We were all pretty tired afterward, so my parents went to my sister's house and [profile] apaulled and I went for a walk on Plumb Beach, then grabbed dinner at a local Italian place and watched the Terps and Wolverines have bad days.

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