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I'm watching the Avengers on Kimmel that I missed on Monday because of basketball (and of course Hugh Jackman had to be on Fallon that night, too) so this will be brief as I am laughing and can't really remember what I did today. I took a walk in the park early because it was supposed to rain later, so I got to see bluebells, but it was mostly the misting-drizzling kind, not the pouring kind. Plus I watched the new Star Wars trailer a bunch of times.

My neighbor Rose stopped by with treats for the cats and we hung out for a while before Paul and I had dinner with my parents. We came home for Blindspot, then watched the episode of The Enemy Within that we missed earlier in the week around phone calls with his parents and mine about weekend plans. Speaking of my in-laws, here are some photos from Hanover Shoe Farms, which we visited with them a few weeks ago:

2019-02-17 14.58.14
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Invictus )

Denise came over on Thursday morning and we went to the mall for lunch, then to an EX raid and a Giratina raid at the Pokemon gyms near Shirley Povich Field, both of which were very successful, as were our lucky trades. Then we came back to my house and watched all current episodes of What We Do In the Shadows because she doesn't have FX to watch it at her house.

So, a good day! After dinner, Paul and I watched Cloak & Dagger, which has been pretty great this season, and The Orville, which has been even better -- this week, directed by Frakes, had Sirtis and a whole slew of Trek-connected big name guest stars, plus Dolly Parton music and Joanna Russ themes. Here are some more flowers from Meadowlark Botanical Gardens:

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Wednesday started as a work and chore day, but at lunchtime there was another Legendary Lunch Hour with five-star raids from 12-1, so I met friends in Cabin John Park and did several of those, then stopped for bagels. The rest of my afternoon was more work and laundry, but Paul stopped at Burger King because it was right next to the eye doctor and got me a veggie burger Happy Meal for dinner with a Detective Pikachu Mewtwo action figure!

We watched the first three episodes of the second season of The Tick, which was great except I miss Batmanuel and Captain Liberty, then we watched this week's episode of What We Do In the Shadows, which was awesome because werewolves and appropriate Twilight-mocking without bashing! From Kidwell Farm at Frying Pan Farm Park (which is named for the shape of the park, since people always freak out and ask), some of the lambs, piglets, fowl, and more:

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I had no vehicle for most of the day, so my Tuesday was not exciting. I spent the morning doing thrilling things like editing a review and shifting the clothes in my closet so I can get to the spring/summer stuff and leave the fall/winter stuff in the back, though I also tracked down the Avengers clips from Kimmel late Monday while I was stuck watching basketball overtime.

When Paul got home from work, we went to retrieve the van, which ended up not costing anything because of the recall on the spare part. We had leftover Asian food for dinner and watched the first episode of Fosse/Verdon, which is very well done but thus far more about him than her. From Meadowlark Botanical Gardens, some of the garden animals and spring sights:

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Quickie because CBS is only now getting to "One Shining Moment" after the overtime UVA-Texas Tech basketball championship. I had a nice morning and early afternoon doing chores and walking in the park in summer weather, only to realize on the ride home that the van air conditioning wasn't working properly. Because we'd received a recall notice about something related to the spare tire anyway, we were able to make an appointment to drop it off at the dealer so they can fix everything tomorrow, but it means I won't be able to go anywhere till late afternoon at the earliest. Since the game didn't start till 9, we watched Legends of Tomorrow (the Honest Nixon episode, hahaha) after our Virginia peanut soup and cheese, then we watched the game, which at least Virginia won. From that state yesterday, Riverbend Park:

Bluebell Season )
We had a lovely Sunday in lovely spring weather at several parks in Virginia. Paul and I had plans with Cheryl originally to go see the Tidal Basin cherry blossoms downtown, but the parking reservations were sold out before she got to our house, so we decided that the crowds might be excessive. Meanwhile, Adam and Katherine spent all day Saturday doing homework and were looking for something outdoors to do for a few hours, so we decided to go in separate cars to Riverbend Park to see the bluebells (we were hoping for eagles too, but no one was in the big nest).

From there we all went to Kidwell Farm in Frying Pan Farm Park, which has many piglets, a few lambs and kids, a couple of calves, and the usual bunnies, chickens and ducks, turkeys and peacocks, goats, sheep, and horses. Adam and Katherine had to get back to College Park to finish their work, so they headed that way. The rest of us went to Meadowlark Botanical Gardens, one of the best local places to see cherry blossoms. There were many frogs and turtles plus some geese in the ponds there as well as hundreds of daffodils, tulips, hyacinths, and other spring flowers.

2019-04-07 14.26.17
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Cheryl needed to head back to her mom's before we ate dinner, so we had sandwiches while watching Baylor beat Notre Dame in the last seconds for the women's NCAA basketball championship. (I like rooting for women's basketball teams coached by women, though I know Kim Mulkey is controversial to some because of how Brittney Griner says she upheld Baylor's "Christian values" code.) Then we watched this week's Billions, in which Chuck needs a lesson in consent, and Last Week Tonight lambasting the mobile home industry in between innings of the Rockies-Dodgers game.
Paul's brother Dave was in Pennsylvania this week for work and then went to their parents' house for a visit, so we met them all in Thurmont at Simply Asia for lunch. They were sad about the fact that the UConn women were knocked out of the NCAA tournament, but we had a nice visit and Dave brought us some PigOut chips, which I needed desperately since they're still very hard to get on the east coast!

When we came back, it was such a gorgeous day that we took a walk in Cabin John Park before stopping at Giant, then we watched the Final Four games (I wanted Virginia-Michigan State, but at least they were fun to watch). Now we're watching SNL and the cats are complaining that we're late with the late meal. Here are just a couple of family pics and some of the neighborhood flowers that are making me smile:

2019-04-05 15.37.07
Spring Saturday )
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My neighbor Rose and I have had plans to see Captain Marvel together since the week it opened, but she has been crazy busy, so on Friday we finally managed to get there and I was so happy to see it again! I think I liked it even better this time, in a theater with maybe 18 people total; it didn't have the same energy as the packed opening weekend crowd, but it was mostly women plus a couple of dads with daughters and everyone was watching with great intensity and delight. I know it's unlikely but I really hope they find a way to keep Annette Bening in the MCU.

My parents caught the stomach flu at a Bat Mitzvah out of town last weekend, so Paul and I did not get to have dinner with them. Instead we ate here, saw this week's Blindspot, and then watched On the Basis of Sex, which doesn't really seem like an unconventional enough movie for someone as unconventional as the notorious RBG; the performances are good, but the screenplay, though interesting and relevant, is somewhat didactic. Before we move into late spring and the daffodils give way to tulips and azaleas, here are some photos of my neighborhood in early bloom:

Week of Color )
The Home I Love )

Alice came to visit on Thursday morning and we had a fun time together -- we had eggs benedict at the Silver Diner, then visited Trader Joe's, World Market, and A.C. Moore, where I bought cheese, tea, and a couple of home decor items that wound up complicating my afternoon immensely, as I tried to hang the tiny shelves I bought at Five Below and made the important discovery that cute $5 shelves are not worth the cost in aggravation of cheap hanging hardware and you should spring for cute $10 shelves elsewhere!

Paul and I watched the two-part return of Cloak and Dagger after dinner, which I am happy to have back though so far this season seems a lot less focused than last season, when finding out the truth about Roxxon and untangling Tandy and Tyrone's families and connection was at the center of the story from the beginning. I am told by press releases that I should be excited about Mayhem, but I want Brigid not to turn evil! Here are some of the spectacular flowers from National Cathedral's gardens last weekend:

Outside the Cathedral )
Song of Solomon 2:8-17 )

I had a pretty fun Wednesday after a morning of chores. My friend Mel invited me to an EX raid, so I went with a big crowd to the Shriver Aquatic Center for that, then met a couple of other people at Congressional Fountain for a Giratina raid after a stop at Bagel City for lunch. From there I stopped at Five Below, which I had heard had tiny little shelves (in white and black), and wound up at Cabin John Park, where I walked around by the blooming trees and watched a bit of the Georgetown-GMU baseball game at Povich Field.

We had hikers' curry-in-a-bag for dinner to see if we want to take it traveling since it's just-add-boiling-water, so easy vegetarian lentils and potatoes. Then we watched Wimbledon since I got a Vudu copy cheap since I own the DVD, waiting for the reruns of the first two episodes of What We Do in the Shadows since we missed it when it first aired. (Pretty good, better women's roles, but I miss Taika onscreen.) From Kenwood in Bethesda last weekend, some of the many cherry blossom trees with backdrop of million dollar houses:

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