the hour until we see you

Oct. 19th, 2017 08:59 am
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When we part, even for an hour,
you become the standing on the avenue
baffled one, under neon,
holding that huge
red book about the capital— ;

what will you be in the next hour,
— bundled to walk
through creamy coins from streetlamps
on sidewalks to your car, past
candles reflected in windows, while
mineral sirens fade in the don’t
return,— driving home past
pre-spring plum blossom riot
moments of your thought...

Those trees rush to rust leaves,
each a time-hinge with great energy—
they can’t bear inexactitude.
News of revolts in the squares —there—
& here, the envious have gone to cafés
to speak in order to leave things out—
Love, literature is in flames,
it was meant to be specific—;
you have driven past these rooms
ten thousand times to make your report;
make your report;
never forget how you felt—

-brenda hillman
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The Secret of Being Content

Today's MP3

Count your blessings! Focus more on what you have and less on what you don’t! The apostle Paul modeled gratitude. He said, “I have learned to be content whatever the circumstances. . .I have learned the secret of being content in any and every situation. . . I can do all things through him who gives me strength” (Philippians 4:11-13 NIV).

The circumstances of Paul’s life in jail were miserable. Yet with shackles dangling from his wrists, he announced, “I have learned the secret of being content.” He doesn’t say, I have learned the principle or I have learned the concept. He says, “I have learned the secret of being content—whether well fed or hungry, whether in abundance or in need” (v.12 HCSB). Paul focused on eternal life, the love of God, and the forgiveness of sins. What he had in Christ was far greater than what he didn’t have in life!

Count your blessings and focus more on what you have and less on what you don’t!

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Poem for Thursday and Battery Park

Oct. 19th, 2017 12:15 am
[personal profile] littlereview
September Tomatoes )

My Wednesday was chaotic and some upsetting stuff happened but it was less crappy than Tuesday, at least superficially. Maddy (who was having a hard day since it was the anniversary of her mother's death) had plans with Alice, but Alice had a bunch of family obligations come up and Maddy had to move the time of her hair appointment, so although I had expected to see both of them, I actually saw little even of Maddy except in the car. So I got a reasonable number of chores done and I visited with Rose, who came to see the cats.

We watched the Supergirl we missed (love the Supercorp but I'm already sick of the overwritten mom-and-daughter stuff) before Designated Survivor, which was my favorite of the season so far. Here are some more pics from the Battery, the southern tip of Manhattan, including views of the Statue of Liberty and the ferries and ships that sail around her, the Immigrants monument, the exterior of Fort Clinton which was the first U.S. immigration center, the Navy memorial, and some of Wall Street's buildings:

Tip of the Island )
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Count Your Blessings

Today's MP3

My friend Jerry has taught me the value of gratitude. He is seventy-eight years old and regularly shoots his age on the golf course. If I ever do the same, I’ll need to live to be a hundred! His dear wife, Ginger, battles Parkinson’s disease. What should have been a wonderful season of retirement has been marred by multiple hospital stays, medication, and struggles. Many days she cannot keep her balance. Jerry has to be at her side. Yet he never complains. He always has a smile and a joke. And he relentlessly beats me in golf!

I asked Jerry his secret. He said, “Every morning Ginger and I sit together and sing a hymn. I ask her what she wants to sing. She always says, Count Your Blessings. So we sing it; and we count our blessings.” Take a moment. Follow Jerry’s example and count your blessings.

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Beach Glass )

Let's not even get into my Tuesday except to say that it was near total frustration and the only thing I accomplished of note was getting groceries bought, which I did with Paul in the late afternoon, though when we went to the deli beforehand, they served me egg salad with celery after assuring me that the egg salad did not have celery and I ended up having a bagel and cream cheese for dinner after having had a bagel and cream cheese for breakfast.

And, again, that was the really GOOD part of my day. My evening was, at least, mostly quiet, involving The Flash which is kind of boring me (relationship stuff too cutesy, villain stuff too mean) and a bunch of family financial paperwork, plus a long letter I wrote to a specific person and realized it would be much smarter for a whole host of reasons not to send. Here is one of the nicest parts of my past weekend, the Seaglass Carousel in Battery Park, best experienced live!

Merry Go Round )


Oct. 17th, 2017 08:21 am
[personal profile] missangelique999
I believe there is something else

entirely going on but no single
person can ever know it,
so we fall in love.

It could also be true that what we use
everyday to open cans was something
much nobler, that we’ll never recognize.

I believe the woman sleeping beside me
doesn’t care about what’s going on
outside, and her body is warm
with trust
which is a great beginning.

-matthew rohrer
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The Greatest of Virtues

Today's MP3

Two essential words deserve special attention– Thank you!

Gratitude is a mindful awareness of the benefits of life. It is the greatest of virtues. Studies link it with a variety of positive effects. Grateful people tend to be more empathetic and forgiving of others; less envious, less materialistic and less self-centered.

Gratitude improves self-esteem and enhances relationships, quality of sleep, and longevity. If it came in pill form, gratitude would be deemed the miracle cure. It’s no wonder that God’s anxiety therapy includes a large, delightful dollop of gratitude.

The anxious heart says, “Lord, if only I had this, that, or the other, I’d be okay.” The grateful heart says, “Oh look! You’ve already given me this, that, and the other. Thank you, God.”

Worry refuses to share the heart with gratitude. One heartfelt thank-you will suck oxygen out of worry’s world. So say it often!

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Visiting EM Forster )

I spent Monday decompressing with Cheryl, which was awesome. We picked up Elevation Burgers (and cheese fries and milkshakes) and watched several great British films, including Miss Austen Regrets, which I had never seen (like most Austen biopics, it was sad and a bit too obsessed with men, but also very well acted), and two very longtime Merchant-Ivory favorites, A Room With a View and Maurice.

Apart from a brief trip to the mall to buy the last two Harry Potter rings at the Alex and Ani store, that was our day. After Cheryl went home, I had faux fish sticks for dinner with Paul and Maddy, then we watched Monday night's The Gifted and Sunday night's Madam Secretary because the sports scores were not pleasing us. From the Prospect Park Zoo in Brooklyn on Sunday, some of the indoor animals:

Prospect Park Zoo )
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