Jul. 5th, 2017

Banneker )

It took us a while to get organized on Independence Day -- Adam went to College Park to spend the day and overnight with college friends and some people from work, I worked on organizing the bathroom cabinets, some plans fell through so we made new ones -- but once we went out after lunch, we had a very nice day, primarily at Huntley Meadows Park in Fairfax which we visited after stopping in Tysons to pick up my friend Shalini, whom I've known since the late '90s yet see far too rarely! It was pretty hot out but we saw lots of animals, including many turtles and herons, and though the frogs we could hear all around were hiding, we managed a rare muskrat sighting!

Made By Beavers )

Paul wanted to go to Not Your Average Joe's for dinner for the last night of their lobster roll special, so we went to the one in Reston but they were out of lobster, so he was cranky, though he got a fish sandwich that placated him somewhat. I had their fabulous goat cheese and raspberry salad and I believe Shalini had tuna. After we dropped her off, we made it home in time for most of A Capitol Fourth and the DC fireworks on television (bombastic as always), then we watched this week's Orphan Black which we'd missed while we were in Richmond (not sure I like all of the presumed deaths that have been reversed this season, and they better not hurt Helena).


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