Jun. 30th, 2017

Close Encounters )

I got to see Alice and Avery again on Thursday! They came over in the morning and we went to the mall after a stop at the park for a Pokemon raid...which we won, though it was only a Magikarp. Avery had McDonalds, Alice had Cava, and I had Mirch Masala for lunch, then we did a little shopping -- primarily GameStop for Avery and Sephora for me and Alice (where we got awesome samples of Tom Ford's Tobacco Vanille eau de parfum, which tragically we will never be able to afford). When Avery had enough, we came back to the house to pet cats.

When Paul got home, we ran out to Giant to get cheese for the bread he had found earlier in the farmer's market and had that for dinner (plus a chocolate croissant, also from the farmer's market). Then we watched The Tailor of Panama because Cheryl and I felt like a Geoffrey Rush movie after Genius (and I didn't have The Banger Sisters and she didn't have The Book Thief). Adam watched too. From the archives, Richmond's Great Shiplock Park, former site of the Confederate Navy Yard and the Trigg Shipyard:

On the James River )


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