Jan. 4th, 2017

Between Going and Staying )

I had plans to catch up on a lot of things on Tuesday but I ended up having a very crazy day during which I ran late for everything, in some cases for good reasons (talked to my sister and another friend in long phone calls, ran into friends at the store) and in some cases for crappy reasons (good friend in the emergency room, another with a bad case of the flu). Maddy had various appointments to which we drove her and we needed trips to the library, the food store, the bank...it was a lot of running around.

I spent my computer time uploading the rest of my 2016 photos so they don't get mixed up with my 2017 photos and attempting to get correspondence done but that's going to take more catch up, as is putting away the clean laundry on my dresser. My evening TV was Voyager's "The Killing Game" which is like an out of character action movie but it's such fun after "Retrospect"! Some photos from Great Falls last week -- this was pretty much the actual color of the sky -- at least the light is slowly coming back.

Shades of Gray )


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