Nov. 25th, 2010

The Thanksgiving in Boston Harbor )

I spent most of the day before Thanksgiving with [personal profile] gblvr, though my kids were home the whole time she was here -- they had half a day of school and it sounds like they did very little work during the hours they were there. While Adam went out with his friends (originally for ice cream, though one of them fell off his bike so they ended up at someone's house instead), [personal profile] gblvr and I watched a bunch of this season's Merlin episodes ("The Crystal Cave" through "The Eye of the Phoenix") and made jewelry (or in my case mostly reclaimed old jewelry; I took out a bunch of earrings I never wear and keep thinking about giving away because I didn't like their hooks, beads, etc. and put them together in new combinations). We got on the subject of Star Trek's "The Man Trap" and then we decided we needed to watch that, too, and while the disc was in the DVD player, we also watched "The Naked Time," because who can resist Spock in tears?

Reconstructed Jewelry )

I posted my review of "Genesis", which it's likely few people will read since it's the day before Thanksgiving, but that's all that episode deserves. My family watched Merlin's "Love in the Time of Dragons" after dinner, since we're still behind; we also watched the Futurama holiday special, which was cute but not their best ("Jurassic Bark" was on before it, which is really moving). It would have been a really good day except that my computer was acting up, and when I checked the task manager, I discovered that it was running something called atieclxx.exe which apparently can be a virus masquerading as some AMD component -- after two different virus scans, a malware scan, and a spybot scan, all repeated with the computer booted in safe mode yet finding nothing, I used msconfig to find and disable the process, but I still can't find the freaking file to delete it altogether. Please send advice if you have it, preferably not "wipe your hard drive"!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving if you celebrate! If not, have a wonderful Thursday!


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