Nov. 17th, 2007

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Friday was another day spent with lots of cleaning and very little to show for it. I did manage to move an entire shelf of Starlog magazines down to the basement and move an entire shelf and a half of art books upstairs -- they'll be better protected if we have any more floods or anything, though their spines will be exposed to more sunlight and I'm hoping they won't fade. Had spontaneous lunch with [ profile] gblvr at Minerva, which was yummy, and she played Jonathan Coulton for me and now I'm feeling Tom Cruise Crazy, heh.

Wrote a mediocre review of "Unnatural Selection" -- it is much easier to write a review of an episode that is truly inspired or truly awful than one that's just sort of meh, but then, I suppose it is also easier to write an episode that is truly inspired or truly awful than one that's just sort of meh. Had dinner with my parents, sounds like my sister and her kids are arriving on Wednesday, details to follow. Watched SGA, which I enjoyed very much, being the only person I know who likes Samantha Carter better than Rodney McKay. Spoilers. )

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  • 13:31 Back from lunch with gblvr, must write review! #
  • 21:26 Back from dinner with parents. I cleaned house all afternoon and again no one could tell! At least the art books are safe from future flood. #
  • 00:59 Catoctin with in-laws tomorrow! Finally...Bush isn't at Camp David! #
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