Nov. 7th, 2007

Black Nikes )

This is the kind of day I had. There was company from cats aplenty, but I have a screaming headache from the paint and the time of month, and indigestion from the school fundraiser at California Tortilla for dinner, so rather than whining any more, I will let the photos do the talking:

Paint Headache )

Not even Boston Legal improved my fact it distinctly annoyed me, between Denny and the Fat Girl and Alan either being unable or refusing to distinguish between Torah and Israeli politics (if he were a politician rather than a fictional character, I'd be seething). I've figured out what I like about Carl, too; they're now writing him exactly the way they wrote Paul Lewiston except Carl is allowed to have sex with Shirley. Which kind of begs the question, why couldn't Paul have had sex with Shirley? Sigh. Briefer spoilers than usual. )
  • 11:59 Trapped in my bedroom during painting. Send chocolate. On second thought send cheese dip and nachos. #
  • 13:19 If you were going to paint a house, wouldn't you bring something with you to stir the paint? And something to strain the paint? #
  • 17:02 Paint fume headaches are their own brand of hell. #
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