Jul. 19th, 2007

Night Garden )

I went out to lunch with [livejournal.com profile] gblvr for her birthday, except I left her birthday present sitting at home on my dining room table. We managed to eat Mexican food anyway, and shop at Target and Bath & Body Works and discuss what we liked about Movie 5 and the insanity surrounding Book 7. I see that the Baltimore Sun has published an advance review with a major spoiler...is someone going to get sacked for that? And is everyone on LJ going to unfriend the Baltimore Sun? ETA: Oh, now I hear it's a legitimate copy that Deep Discount shipped a week early! Someone is not only going to get sacked but sued!

Picked up the kids from camp and lost part of the late afternoon to an incipient migraine (time of month and weather front converging...head feels miserable), woke up and decided I don't really like the shirt I bought at Target and can't decide whether I like the skort enough to keep...it was only $15, but if I'm going back to return the shirt I could always bring it back too. Wrote a medium-boring article on Nicholas Meyer reflecting on The Wrath of Khan and a painful article on Susan Sackett trying to cash in on her relationship with Gene Roddenberry, which I hope I managed to strip down to stuff that is actually relevant to Star Trek. Then we watched the BBC's Midsummer Night's Dream with Helen Mirren as Titania and Robert Lindsay as Lysander...the whole cast is terrific, but those two in particular.

Great Falls Herons )

I'm going to see Vienna Teng as an anniversary present! *bounces* But what is with Firefox? Ever since they installed that update last night it moves at the speed of molasses, and I even updated Java. Well, shall hope it works well enough to post a squeeful Vienna report tomorrow!
Karl Rove is actually behind the Deathly Hallows leak. He arranged to have a few copies of the Harry Potter book delivered early to distract the American public from the latest news out of Iraq, assuming that the New York Times and everyone else would dive in and that the subsequent screaming would blot out most other internet hysteria.

Rove probably fixed the Emmy nominations, too. 15 for The Sopranos and none for Jason Isaacs in Brotherhood? Conspiracy, I tell you. At least Shatner and Spader got theirs, despite near-constant criticism of the Bush administration on Boston Legal.

By the way, if by some chance those early books do turn out to be fakes planted by Scholastic to distract people from trying to steal the real thing (and fake subpoenas and injunctions as part of that conspiracy), I will happily send them another $20, because that would be so brilliant.


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