Aug. 21st, 2004

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I'm at my sister's, with five children under twelve plus my mother who is driving me insane about her transportation home (it is NOT my fault that neither my father nor my sister passed on the message that we have only four seats in the van to make room for our luggage!) Am trying to supervise baths, get this typed up, make sure laundry gets done and converse with my sister while watching the Yankees game where we can clearly see her husband in his front row seats behind the plate each time there is a focus on the batter. They are selling their million dollar home to move into a much more than a million dollar home backing up to the home of a Yankees player in is like being on a different planet, a very pretty one with great food and more toys than I've ever seen in a private home, but really I prefer the mountains and the Lost River. *g*

Must go and entertain kids...probably will not be around till I am home on Sunday! Have a great weekend everyone and sorry about the delayed comments!
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Things here in Armonk are very loud, in part because my two-year-old niece's favorite movies are musicals from my youth (Grease, A Chorus Line) and in part because when you put five kids in an exercise room, noise ensues. (Damn, young Travolta was hot. I thought I'd been misrememebering.) Also my brother in law is my hero because he gave me his copy of the September Esquire with Paul Bettany on the cover, though he has not yet read it and therefore does not know who to mimic to become a best-dressed man.

Quick pimp: [ profile] melina123's wonderful LOTR songvid "The Mountain", mostly focused on Aragorn and Frodo, available via her journal. Tonight we are bringing in Italian and hopefully going to bed early. We are leaving early tomorrow to drive home, which I greet with mixed feelings!


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