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We're watching the extra-innings MLB All Star Game so I will keep this short. It was again an uneventful day -- chores at home in the morning, then some shopping in the afternoon, including a stop at Bagel City since it was a buy 12, get 2 free day.

We had rarebit for dinner and have been watching the AL mostly lead the NL, though not by much, while Adam worked on installing a new version of Ubuntu on his new laptop. Here are some more photos from the VMFA's Yves Saint Laurent retrospective:

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Monday was a work and chore day, not exciting, though Adam worked from home so the cats did a lot of sneaking behind the television and mrooping to try to get his attention. I did laundry and organized some things and worked on a writing project and fixed up some Dreamwidth communities that I had imported from LiveJournal just in case.

Adam went out running with a friend at dinnertime, so we ate without him and watched the start of the Home Run Derby before he got home. He made it for most of Will, the new young Shakespeare movie on TNT, which is such epic crack it makes Versailles seem like a model of restraint! From the Smithsonian Folklife Festival, the Flying Wallendas:

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The weather was even more gorgeous on Sunday than Saturday. Adam went to play tennis with my father, then we took him to meet Paul's parents in Thurmont for lunch at Simply Asia. We stopped at Pryor's Orchard, which unfortunately was closed for blueberry picking though we bought some peaches, then we went to Catoctin National Park and hiked a bit around Hog Rock. When we went back into Thurmont, we Skyped with Daniel and had ice cream. We tried to stop at the Emmitsburg Antique Mall but they were closing five minutes after we arrived.

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None of us was very hungry for dinner after the big lunch and dessert, so we had snacks, Adam went for a run, and we watched Amelia Earhart: The Lost Evidence, whose claims that she obviously was found, captured, and killed by the Japanese prior to World War II is just as unconvincing as TIGHAR's various fundraising-and-fame productions claiming that the heel of a shoe proves she crashed on a small Pacific island (there's about as much evidence that she was abducted by aliens and that Voyager episode is more fun to watch). At least the Nats and Os both won!
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Saturday had absolutely gorgeous weather -- not insanely hot nor humid, partially overcast -- so after we all did our morning chores and Adam returned from exercising, we picked up my parents as well as Alice, whose husband and son were out of town at a cubing competition, and went to the Smithsonian Folklife Festival. Like last year's, it's not as big as it was before the museum and National Mall renovations started, but the theme was the circus and the Flying Wallendas were performing on an outdoor high-wire without harnesses or safety nets, so we got to see that and some juggling and eat gelato. The big tents at either end were pretty crowded but I was glad they didn't have animal acts or dwell on the history of human exploitation in sideshows.

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Adam wanted to go running in the evening, so we took everyone else home and waited for him for dinner. Then we and Adam watched The Promise, which was only in theaters in the U.S. for like a week but is out on DVD elsewhere already. It interested me how much the script structured the film as a Holocaust drama to make the parallels between that and the Armenian genocide unmistakable. It's very well acted -- Bale and Isaac play nicely off each other and the love triangle isn't as major in the plot as the previews suggested (Marwan Kenzari is great as a sympathetic Turk and Westworld's Angela Sarafyan plays Isaac's very likeable fiancee, the film's an easy Bechdel pass, though obviously the subject matter is very upsetting.
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Adam worked from home on Friday, so he and I had a quiet morning working on our computers, then at lunchtime I went to dye my hair so he received a lot of cat help while I did that and ran out to catch an Ash's Pikachu while the anniversary event is going on. Adam had plans in the evening to meet his friend Robert and see Spider-Man: Homecoming, so Paul and I decided to see it too, though we ended up going to different shows because Paul and I went early to have dinner at Cava in the mall while Adam went to dinner with Robert and his parents, which took longer.

If I hadn't just seen Wonder Woman, I might have felt that this Spider-Man was my favorite superhero movie, though it's hard to separate from the long Avengers history woven through it. I thought I might resent having Tony Stark hone in on what should be Peter's movie, but I loved his role, and the other significant Avenger cameos were delightful. My brain was turned off sufficiently that I did not see the homecoming date problem coming, and although the film only squeaks a Bechdel pass, at least it's two women of color discussing academic pursuits!

When we got home we watched the end of the Nationals game, which had a delightful conclusion in the tenth inning. But speaking of academic pursuits, here are some photos from the Da Vinci Alive exhibit at the Science Museum of Virginia last weekend, including a portable bridge, a design for a revolving stage with ball bearings, Vitruvian Man, a precise replica of the Mona Lisa, a model of a bicycle, an infinite mirror room, and replicas of the Codex Forster:

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I went to Target on Thursday to get a bunch of things to organize various storage areas (in bathrooms, the laundry room, the kitchen) and spent the rest of the day organizing. So it was not an exciting afternoon but now I can get to all my hair stuff without causing an avalanche in my bathroom cabinet, nor can the cats knock over all the cleaning stuff.

We spent the evening watching several episodes of Versailles because it's such enjoyable crack and we're behind on Still Star-Crossed so we have to catch up on that. Shalini told me this week that I should warn people when I post a photo of a snake or a spider, so, spoiler alert, there is a snake in these photos from Deep Run Park:

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I had no car on Wednesday (Paul took one to work, Adam had the other in College Park) so it was not an exciting day. Even so, lots of work and chores got done, laundry was folded, a whole bunch of product bottles that have been under bathroom sinks for years got washed out and recycled, plus the mother and baby bunny who live in my neighbors' bushes were out when I walked by their house:

In more happy news, Adam got home earlier than he thought he might, just as we were having dinner, and wasn't as tired after fireworks and hanging out with friends in College Park all night, so since he hadn't seen it, we went to see Wonder Woman, and it is still amazing! Adam had issues with the CGI, but since I generally sleep through action sequences, I did not care -- I was looking at Diana!

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It took us a while to get organized on Independence Day -- Adam went to College Park to spend the day and overnight with college friends and some people from work, I worked on organizing the bathroom cabinets, some plans fell through so we made new ones -- but once we went out after lunch, we had a very nice day, primarily at Huntley Meadows Park in Fairfax which we visited after stopping in Tysons to pick up my friend Shalini, whom I've known since the late '90s yet see far too rarely! It was pretty hot out but we saw lots of animals, including many turtles and herons, and though the frogs we could hear all around were hiding, we managed a rare muskrat sighting!

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Paul wanted to go to Not Your Average Joe's for dinner for the last night of their lobster roll special, so we went to the one in Reston but they were out of lobster, so he was cranky, though he got a fish sandwich that placated him somewhat. I had their fabulous goat cheese and raspberry salad and I believe Shalini had tuna. After we dropped her off, we made it home in time for most of A Capitol Fourth and the DC fireworks on television (bombastic as always), then we watched this week's Orphan Black which we'd missed while we were in Richmond (not sure I like all of the presumed deaths that have been reversed this season, and they better not hurt Helena).
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Happy Independence Day! I had lots of catch-up chores on Monday, though Adam worked from home and Paul only had to work half a day. So I don't have a lot to report -- laundry, shelves for the kids' bathroom, bank, food shopping, online stuff.

Here are some more photos from the VMFA's Yves Saint Laurent: The Perfection of Style exhibit -- designs for celebrities and movies, experiments in gender-swapping clothes, some designs adapted (or appropriated) from world cultures:

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Another quickie, as we were in Richmond nearly all day and now we're watching "The Doctor Falls" since we missed it when it aired on Sunday (Orphan Black isn't On Demand yet). After breakfast with Cheryl and her cat, we all met Lin at the VMFA for Yves Saint Laurent: The Perfection of Style, which is a fantastic exhibit even for people not particularly interested in fashion. It's about popular culture, entertainment, and craftsmanship, with everything from the fashion paper dolls he designed for his sisters as a child to dozens of his dresses, suits, and accessories to clips from movies using his designs to displays on how contemporary art, world culture, and gender expectations influenced his clothing.

Then we had lunch at the fantastic Thai restaurant Sabai on its swing benches before going to Da Vinci Alive at the Science Museum of Virginia, which included some exhibits we had seen before at the Maryland Science Center and the National Geographic museum in DC, like the in-depth exploration of the Mona Lisa's evolution, plus some we had never seen before, including a massive walk-through cinematic display on multiple screens. On the way back to Cheryl's house to get our things, we took a walk at Deep Run Park, where we saw a snake, a skink, a frog, several turtles, and lots of squirrels. The traffic going home wasn't bad and Adam had fed the cats between his own social activities!

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