Aug. 26th, 2017

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I had an unexpectedly fun Friday when Alice and Avery unexpectedly came to visit after we both decided we needed a play date (which sadly involved too little play for the latter, since we schlepped him to Kohl's and stuff, though we did find a Dratini while dragging him on a walk around Washingtonian Lake). And we didn't even find the Sonic video game he wanted at GameStop or Target! We also went out for bagels and knishes at Bagel City and ate some candy, so it was not all child torture.

After Alice went home, I finished my California trip Shutterfly book, then Paul arrived and we went to have dinner at my parents' house. In the evening we Skyped with Maddy, who may be coming back to this coast soon, and watched the Seattle-Kansas City game, which the Seahawks won with twice as many points (unfortunately the Nationals did not have a good evening, but the Orioles beat Boston 16-3). Now we're catching up on John Oliver and sad Weekend Update isn't On Demand.

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