Apr. 24th, 2017

Grace Darling )

Sunday was gorgeous -- cool and rain-free -- so we had brunch early and went to Mount Vernon, mostly to see the lambs and piglets, though we walked through most of the farm and gardens (we ran out of time for the gristmill). There were a lot of tour groups waiting to get into the house, so we skipped that tour this time. We still got to see an osprey nest just off the wharf, the threshing barn, hundreds of tulips and irises, and most of the crops George Washington planted (though still not hemp, which he did grow).

Spring at Mount Vernon )

All our shows were on this Sunday so we had to make decisions about what to watch -- the Orioles had already lost to the Red Sox, the Nationals were playing the Mets (they won) and the Capitols had a crucial game against the Maple Leafs but we'll only watch hockey if they might win the Stanley Cup! We watched Once Upon a Time (meh but at least a lot of Zelena), Madam Secretary (not entirely believable but I love this cast), and Elementary (if nothing else, not predictable). Now John Oliver is eviscerating Jared Kushner!


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