Apr. 5th, 2017

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The Bluebell )

Tuesday felt like summer! The forecast had said rain, but the rain finished in the morning, so after lunch we went to Kenwood to see what was left of the cherry blossoms there. There was quite a bit of green among the fading flowers and it snowed petals whenever there was a breeze, but it was still very pretty and lots of tulips were opening. Since we figured it was also our last chance to see the Potomac River bluebells, we went from there to the C&O Canal towpath to see the flowers between the lock and the river, plus the redbuds along the way:

Raising Babies )

Maddy spent nearly the entire day at the mall, first training for her new job at California Pizza Kitchen, then hanging out with friends from Arclight, and ultimately going to the movies, so we stopped at the Bethesda Co-op without her and had marsala for dinner. Afterward we caught up on the two episodes of The 100 we'd missed (which were okay, but there wasn't nearly enough Marcus/Abby and some of the medical decisions were utterly horrifying). I am frustrated Klepper is getting Wilmore's slot and @midnight is moving back to its titular slot!


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