Apr. 14th, 2007

Springtime Comes to the Capitol )

Am fully unpacked! And the laundry is finished, though not folded. And some of the mail is answered, and all the photos I intend to post for now have been reduced in size and posted, and the huge pile of paper on the kitchen table has been diminished. Otherwise, I am days behind on work and LJ comments and haven't even caught up on Boston Legal or The Tudors because I haven't folded the laundry yet! It's supposed to rain all weekend so at least maybe I'll be able to get some stuff done without spring distraction, though I took a walk today and noticed that much of the neighborhood is in bloom despite the chilly weather the past couple of days.

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Lacock Abbey, Part of Hogwarts )

It's supposed to rain all through the cherry blossom festival this weekend, and apparently most of the flowers are already gone. Ah well, we shall have to walk the monuments on a less crowded weekend!
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