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I had kind of a lazy day. Was supposed to have lunch with [ profile] gblvr, but we both agreed a bit before noon that we were too disorganized and postponed. Ran out to CVS and the Hallmark store to get birthday cards and other necessities (being Jewish, I certainly did not buy the Cauldron Trouble Ornament, I mean, I would never have a tree and I stopped collecting the Star Trek ornaments and oh look isn't that cute hanging over my computer?). Wrote an article on Kate Mulgrew's rave reviews in Iphigenia 2.0 which I would love to see and might even try to get up to New York to see if it was anyone other than, you know, Kate Mulgrew. Oh, and I forgot to mention that I got to write up a fun interview with Jonathan Frakes, who is always so lovely and unpretentious in interviews, and who is now living in Maine and teaching college film and is just very high on my "celebrities with their priorities straight" list.

My really fun article today was reviewing the Star Trek: New Voyages episode "World Enough and Time" -- I can't link to the episode because the web site is currently having big problems, but they had sent me a review copy on DVD and the first amazing thing about it is that on DVD, this episode looks more professional than 3/4 of professional Star Trek. Whoever has been doing the crappy special effects for the Trek video games should hire this team. On top of that, it's a well-told story, absolute classic original Trek (derivative of several episodes but who cares, so were a lot of TNG and Voyager), with a lovely performance by George Takei and surprisingly good camera work including an overhead shot of the bridge. My kids, who quite often got bored particularly with the original series' third season, watched the entire thing quite enthusiastically. I'm really impressed.

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Summer vacation is over! I'm entitled to beach nostalgia. *g*
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Adam felt better on Friday and apparently had a good time at the school orientation, where they had a scavenger hunt (they were told to find the swimming pool next to the gym, hahaha, which of course does not exist) and practiced opening their lockers, which Daniel laughed about but I remember his first week of middle school he couldn't get his open at one point and it nearly caused a crisis. In the afternoon, my father took them swimming. I had no transportation, as my van was in getting serviced (needed new brake pads, which was not a big surprise), so I wrote my review of "Heart of Glory" and plowed on through piles of Las Vegas convention reports, which did not get posted till it was already after midnight GMT.

[ profile] apaulled came home and we went to my parents' house for dinner, where we had barbecue and my mother had unexpectedly made a Nubian chocolate roll for of my favorite things! Came home and watched "42" which again is not one of my favorite episodes of Doctor Who -- reminded me a bit overmuch of "The Impossible Planet" only without the coolness of the Ood and without Rose...I'm sorry to say that as much as I like Martha, it just isn't the same. A lot of what I do like seems similar to Rose -- the family ties, the immediate bonding with people very unlike herself, the refusal to leave the Doctor even when he's begging her to do so -- and I keep waiting for them to do something with her that's totally awesome and unexpected, but it hasn't happened yet. Then Adam wanted to watch the second episode of Flash Gordon, so we isn't particularly good, yet better than I was expecting, even though I think having an adversary from someplace called "Mongo" begs so hard for Blazing Saddles jokes that they'd have done better to break with canon and change it! Lots of scenes seem derivative of Star Trek, Star Wars and older science fiction, so it's kind of entertaining in a cheesy way. They better be building to a feminist revolution on Mongo!

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Sort of a weird quiet day. Younger son had middle school orientation in the morning, so while he was gone, older son and I started watching Cinderella Man which believe it or not is on the list of recommended US historical movies for future ninth graders -- they are supposed to pick one to watch over the summer and write a short report on it. He's seen that and Seabiscuit but they were the two that interested him the most (Some Like It Hot was on the list, but I could not convince him, hee!). Younger son came home partway through the movie, watched a bit, went downstairs to play a game saying he wasn't hungry for lunch, then came upstairs a bit later complaining of a terrible headache which I assumed at first was probably from being hungry, but now I think it has more to do with the fact that he got his retainer tightened yesterday -- he has been complaining about how his mouth feels, too. Do I give it another day before calling the orthodontist to ask whether this much pain is normal?

Since he was feeling so rotten, he took an afternoon nap and I stayed in, writing up an absolutely endless Star Trek convention report of which this is only part 47 (tomorrow I have to do parts 48-93 or so), plus I watched a Next Gen episode to review, the one where Worf first meets other Klingons which is actually really good by first season standards. Younger son just wanted to lie around on the couch when he was awake, and we ended up putting on Space Cowboys, a movie which has held up really well; when I first saw it I thought it was too long or maybe too unfocused, a geezers-in-space dramedy that abruptly turns into a post-Cold War thriller, but this time it was entirely enjoyable and the kids liked it too. I never even made it to CVS, let alone to buy school supplies, and Friday I will not have a van, as it needs to go in for servicing!

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It was unexpectedly a double-dentist-trip day. Younger son had a long-scheduled orthodontist appointment, and since he had been camping along with older son and in-laws in Pennsylvania, they drove down bright and early and got to the house around 9 a.m. so we could all go off to get his retainer checked. When I went to make an appointment for both boys for their fall cleanings, dreading it because I figured they would have to miss either school or Hebrew school, I learned that there had been a cancellation that very afternoon and I could bring the boys at I did, since it meant not dealing with bigger hassles later. In between, we all went and picked up [ profile] apaulled and went out for Indian buffet at Minerva, the fabulous place I now know has a restaurant in Gaithersburg. In-laws approved (and picked up the tab) and everyone was very happy! Plus we stopped in Borders, which is next door to the dentist, and they had The Da Vinci Enigma Tarot on the bargain rack for $3.99! ( has it for $6.99.)

Things I can't deal with: 1) LiveJournal's latest idiocy -- sending terms of service demands to people who had already changed or deleted the "offensive" material in question. 2) Gonzales, one of the biggest crooks in the US, seeking the power to execute people without proper procedure or the opportunity for appeals. 3) The fact that Bush, Cheney, Rove, Rumsfeld, et al are still lying liars and no number of resignations is going to clean up their mess. 4) The fact that leading Democrats Obama and Clinton's campaigning at the moment is about how the other one sucks instead of actual policy. 5) Menstrual cramps. Any questions?

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[ profile] dementordelta came over and we went shopping! And she bought me a Hogwarts crest necklace! And penguin tissues for Adam! And brought me goodies from Sectus (UK Nestle chocolate) and Prophecy (souvenirs from Toronto)! Then we went to Legal Seafood for lunch, where I had garlic shrimp and linguini, and came back to my house, where we watched The Search for John Gissing with the commentary on...quite entertaining on Alan Rickman as perfectionist actor who brings tons of notes and recommendations to the table, but Mike Binder spent too much time talking about how he plans to remake the film and not nearly enough describing his process in filming Alan nailing the scenes. We also watched the deleted scenes (Alan dancing like a maniac) and bloopers (Alan giggling) and then I insisted putting on the restored scenes in the extended version of Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, plus the interviews with Alan and Kevin Costner on the second disc. So, a very lovely afternoon!

I am so utterly confused by LiveJournal's policies at this point that I don't know what to's almost as perplexing as the doubletalk coming out of Karl Rove and now Dennis Hastert (ever get the urge to sing that sports staple, "Na na na na, na na na na, hey hey, goodbye!" to a politician?). It was easier to focus on fictional news, like Anjelica Huston appearing on Medium -- I have never seen that show but clearly this is going to change -- and Trek news, including Shatner & Nimoy reenacting Spock's death at the Las Vegas Star Trek convention last weekend plus a rumor that Russell Crowe is being sought to play the villain in Star Trek XI. What a dream for me!

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The Orioles shut out the Yankees, yay! This makes up for the RedSox meltdown and since the Red Sox won, the balance is restored!
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I did not leave the house today. I spent pretty much the entire day importing, locking, exporting, editing and reposting material from one journal to another, separating out my real and fannish identities. I now have redundant backups of all three of my journals: fic, real life, and this one which is sort of in a twilight zone in between. I loved not having to separate out my friends and interests and stuff for awhile -- I loved that everyone who wanted to talk politics and poetry knew I was involved with fandom and vice versa. Now I guess I will be dividing everything up again. Well, my real life journal has more material than ever before, because I transferred everything that's not fannish and not a rant there. And my fic journal is more complete than it has ever been. Now am toying with the idea of locking this journal, because it has so much stuff mashed together and there are so many people reading it whom I don't know at all.

Other than that, all I did was post-travel chores, which were not insignificant, and attempted to clean up after the cat who had a hairball issue this morning, then followed me around whining all afternoon because I wouldn't give her more food until I was sure she was well. [ profile] apaulled stopped at Best Buy and brought home the third and fifth seasons of Smallville on DVD -- they're on a big sale this week, and while we had seasons one, two and four, we never found three as cheaply -- which necessitated some rearranging of our DVD shelves. Next project is to get the dining room table cleared off. Need to figure out where to put the Dalek box we brought back from England collapsed which the kids have since restored to full size glory!

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[ profile] dementordelta is coming Tuesday! *bounces* And a very happy birthday [ profile] mamadracula -- your present is going to be late as usual, but it's coming!
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