Have just spent all morning resizing and color-correcting photos from our trip -- 199 in all, not counting the nearly 600 I didn't touch! Don't even have them all uploaded to my web page yet, but I'm putting this one here so certain people will stop asking when I'm going to send them pictures. This is me in Avebury beside one of the standing stones in the circle, wearing a tourist t-shirt that I bought at Leeds Castle because everyone had warned me that we would have cold, rainy sweater weather so I didn't pack anything short-sleeved...

and my kids at the circle:

...by Aharon Shabtai, passed on from Edward Hirsch's 'Poet's Choice' column yesterday... )

Am ambivalent about this. It's lower than the score of the person I gacked it from, whom I will not embarrass by naming here!

My freakiness score is: 297
Are you a freak?
Find out your freakiness level.

It's after 4 a.m. in England, which perhaps is why I can't keep my eyes open. But I did get all the laundry folded. Now to get all the little bags out of the suitcases and figure out where we stored all this travel crap before...

From The Onion, "New Fox Reality Show To Determine Ruler Of Iraq". You know, at this point it would not surprise me.

To which race of Middle Earth do you belong?
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From 'Iron Age (On Solsbury Hill) )

...and graphics to accompany it. Still can't believe I was there. Still can't believe these came from my own camera.

...but give me a week to catch up on correspondence please! Hope everyone has had a wonderful holiday weekend!

One more trip report from London... )
...and reports from Stratford, Oxford, Stonehenge and Avebury... )

Hope everyone is having a divine Passover and Tenebrae. Thanks so much everyone who has written or left comments; I promise to write back as soon as I can get a connection that costs less than a bloody fortune!
Another update from the U.K. Happy Passover to everyone else celebrating it and a good Easter week to anyone celebrating that!

A tourist report...you Brits don't need to read this, you know all about it! )
Hurrah for AOL, which for all its faults has the advantage of access numbers nearly everywhere in the world.

Click here for lots of boring trip details! )

Please don't be insulted if I don't answer your mail -- it's incredibly expensive to call out from the hotel. Tomorrow with any luck I will get to meet the legendary [livejournal.com profile] viva_gloria in the flesh; we will try not to get into too much trouble. Hope everyone is well and happy!
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