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Plymouth, Massachusetts )

Today we had our first inclement weather since setting out nearly a week ago, but it was quite cooperative -- it poured while we ate lunch at Plimoth Plantation and again while we were driving into Boston in the late afternoon, but not while we were walking around. The original plan was to get into Boston early and go to the Museum of Fine Arts, then go to the hotel in the evening, but we were all sort of fried from too many days in the sun and my younger son had begun to get restless from all the history, so we came to the hotel, let them go swimming and are in the midst of two huge loads of laundry.

On the positive side, this hotel has free DSL internet access, plus an enormous free breakfast bar with waffles, and we're in a suite that costs only a few dollars more than the nightmarish Howard Johnson's of a few days ago in suburban Hartford. So I am slowly catching up on mail! The only news I have been able to get before today has been hurricane horror and the governor of New Jersey (about whom I had things to say, but they're probably controversial, and I am not at all in the mood for a debate so I will just wish him, his family, his successor and his constituents the best). Now we are watching the Olympics opening ceremonies and it is strangely refreshing.

Finished The Letter of Marque, which made me almost as sniffly as The Reverse of the Medal. Suspect I am a sap for Jack and Stephen, heh. Am I going to like The Thirteen Gun Salute? I keep being afraid that sooner or later I have to read one that I don't think is even better than the last. Tomorrow we are going sailing on a tall ship in Boston Harbor and I am ridiculously excited, even though the only time in my life I ever almost got seasick, it was in weather like the sort that's forecast for tomorrow!
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Cape Cod, Massachusetts )

With the exception of the hour or so playing miniature golf, I spent all day in view of the Atlantic Ocean and quite a bit of time in the water, so I am once again sun-fried but very happy (and the weather held, despite apparent rain in New York and Boston). We went to several national park sites, some concerned with the ecosystems and wildlife of Cape Cod including a hike through a cedar forest, some concerned with history such as the stream bed where the pilgrims first found and drank fresh water in the New World. The ocean was once again warm, with slightly larger waves and less seaweed. Like many coastal towns I've visited in DelMarVa and the Outer Banks, Cape Cod has a great deal of saltwater taffy, ice cream and pottery, and there are cheap t-shirts and ship miniatures galore!

Sorry once again to be brief but I continue to have connection problems so I cannot answer comments nor even download my mail, which is very slow -- I apologize! Also, and far worse, my husband's CD-RW drive appears to be completely fried, so I cannot burn large trip photos to CD. I may need to become far more judicious about how many I take!
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New Bedford, Massachusetts )

Sorry to be brief but tonight we are in Cape Cod, where the highlight of my day -- indeed, perhaps the trip so far -- was standing on the beach at night watching the Perseid meteor shower. I've seen more shooting stars tonight than in my entire life thus far, and a great band of the Milky Way more clearly than anyplace other than camping in the mountains, rising out of the ocean through Sagittarius on the horizon. The water here is warm and free of red seaweed, though there is plenty of the green stuff, as well as some underwater scurrying crabs that I have felt but not seen.

Unfortunately our hotel has only three phone lines to be shared among all the rooms and they have a strict ten minutes to a dataport rule, so I cannot stay online long enough for comments or to read anything at all; I can scarcely even get my mail! And the news is reporting that the hurricane currently hitting Florida is expected to head straight up the coast. Hope everyone in the path is safe and hope this isn't another Isabel near home!
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Newport, Rhode Island )

Tonight we are in Fall River, Massachusetts so we can go to the New Bedford whaling museum tomorrow on the way to Cape Cod. I'm posting early because I got too much sun today and have to go to bed early -- shall try to write to people tomorrow night!
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Mystic Seaport )

Mystic Seaport also has a wonderful collection of nautical prints and a very good bookstore, where I behaved and bought only a $14 recreated spyglass in a wooden case, but let me tell you how tempted I was by the print of Geoff Hunt's Surprise (The Far Side of the World) with a small doodle of the ship and Jack by Hunt next to his autograph. The biggest tease of the trip so far: they are bringing out a book of Geoff Hunt's artwork next month, including, I believe, all the O'Brian book covers. I must have this! And I must wait!
We had so much fun today that I'm going to have to post the pictures in two installments -- the aquarium now, the seaport later. The weather was absolutely perfect (80ish and breezy) and nothing was overly crowded; we got to see everything we wanted to see in six hours.

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Hartford, Connecticut )

Sorry for not having answered comments -- been a long complicated day! Hope everyone is well. Tomorrow we are going to Mystic, to the aquarium and the seaport, so there will be rays and sharks and ships, and we are getting up early so I thought I had better post tonight!
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