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Summer Kitchen
By Donald Hall

In June's high light she stood at the sink
    With a glass of wine,
And listened for the bobolink,
And crushed garlic in late
I watched her cooking, from
    my chair.
She pressed her lips
Together, reached for kitchenware,
And tasted sauce from her
"It's ready now. Come on,"
    she said.
"You light the candle."
We ate, and talked, and went
    to bed,
And slept. It was a miracle.


Younger son had a half-day of school, so I didn't accomplish a huge amount Friday, particularly since his best friend came home with him and stayed all afternoon while the friend's mother took her infant to the doctor. Wrote a review of "The Schizoid Man", discovered that if I needed yet another reason not to see the upcoming Star Trek reboot, Winona Ryder as Amanda is giving me one, fretted about the California oil spill, scowled that it was raining when I wanted to try to see the comet though this area needs the rain so I didn't scowl all that much.

Kalmar Nyckel and Sultana with the masts of the skipjacks Elsworth and Stanley Norman at the Downrigging Festival in Chestertown, Maryland last weekend.

The wheel of Pride of Baltimore, with Sultana and Kalmar Nyckel off her stern.

Lady Maryland's wheel and a boat.

An anchor on Virginia with a view of the Chester River.

Original skipjack Stanley Norman and replica buy boat Mr. Jim, both educational vessels that sail from the Chesapeake Bay Foundation and Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum respectively.

Oyster buy boat Annie D., built in 1957 on Tangier Island, Virginia.

Kalmar Nyckel, Sultana, Pride of Baltimore, Virginia, Mildred Belle and Lady Maryland, plus several smaller boats at the docks.

[livejournal.com profile] fridayfiver: And I Owe It All To You
1. Who do you owe?
My parents for lots, my older son $25, my friend in L.A. dinner.
2. What do you wait for? Happy surprises!
3. What do you disguise? My lust for power, fame and fortune.
4. Tell us a lie: I just did.
5. Friday fill-in: I can't get enough of ___. Chocolate. And gooey cheese dip. And seafood in cream sauce. And mint chip ice cream. And salted pistachios. And...look, it's that time of the month, this is NOT a good day to ask me this question!

[livejournal.com profile] thefridayfive: Attack of Randomosity!
1. What is something you collect? Why?
Books, Tarot decks, Barbie dolls, eraser animals, Russell Crowe DVDs...formerly Star Trek stuff but most of it's up for grabs so if there's something specific you want, tell me. "Why" is too long a question for a meme.
2. If you could make one ice cream flavor, what would the ingredients be and what would be the name? It would be Chocolate Multiple Orgasm and it would have milk and dark chocolate chunks, brownie bits, fudge swirls and maybe a bit of malt.
3. What can't you go a day without? Smiles from my children.
4. What position do you sleep in? *back, right side, left side, stomach...etc.* Left side, usually, though I'm less picky about position than not having a cat trapping my legs.
5. What is your typical morning routine before work/school? Get up, attempt to say farewell coherently to children and husband, remind cats they have already been fed, eat breakfast, remove cats from table, glance at newspaper, check e-mail.

Weekend plans depend a lot upon the weather!


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