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What a Day
By Shel Silverstein

What a day,
Oh what a day.
My baby brother ran away,
And now my tuba will not play.
I'm eight years old
And turning grey,
Oh what a day,
Oh what a day.


Not a terribly eventful Thursday, which is fine. The kids slept late. I decided to try to create feeds of my del.icio.us links and diggs and ended up having a bit of a quarrel with LiveJournal's syndication pages which apparently don't like del.icio.us (kept claiming the feed wasn't in XML format, not a problem at Blogger or Wordpress). Had to write an article about how Zachary Quinto, who has been lobbying to play Spock in Star Trek XI, managed to convince one news site to claim that he was in talks for the role, which several dozen other news sites promptly quoted as fact and it's just like the Matt Damon stuff before that got shot down. Sylar as Spock, yeah, brilliant idea...why doesn't J.J. Abrams just hire an entire cast of friends and friends-of-friends from TV like he usually does, and it'll be as mediocre as I've anticipated all along?

Took the kids to the library to find more Guardian of Ga'Hoole books (fantasy series about owls) and older son is reading Jon Krakauer which is actually on the high school summer reading list. I had both a 25% off coupon and $5 in Borders Bucks, so I also took the kids to the bookstore where we ended up with an Audubon book on North American birds, the one Douglas Adams book we didn't already have in the house, and some illustrated Simpsons guide to life type thing. And I might have grabbed one of the new color-corrected reprints of the Tarot of Marseilles. Younger son has been reading How To Live With A Neurotic Cat aloud, and while I suspect it is funnier that way than read silently, it has been making us howl.

This is a roadrunner at Hershey's Zoo America. Strangely, it was not making "beep beep" noises or running coyotes off the road.

A sleepy bear, which is what my husband calls me in the morning.

WOL. That spells owl. This one, being a barn owl, lives in a modified barn.

A snake! Not very intimidating, as it's curled around the zookeeper's hand at the reptile show.

These lizards were not in the show, but indoors in the exhibit of southwest animals.

Though we didn't ride on it, the tram is the scenic way to see the zoo and Hersheypark next door.

Other than watching a bad Next Gen episode to review tomorrow, then putting on what we thought was the first Bourne movie only to realize that it was the second Bourne movie, my evening entertainment was making sandcastles.
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