Jun. 5th, 2017

Love )

Adam went hiking and to a party with a friend on Sunday, so while he was busy with his own plans, we went to meet Cheryl and Lin at the Virginia Renaissance Faire. Most of us had crepes there for lunch (mine was pear and brie), and we watched some jousting, saw some dancing, listened to the Rogues, applauded some juggling, flirted with a "priest" and members of the Royal Court, curtseyed to the Queen, cuddled rescued kittens, met rescued greyhounds, admired alpacas, tried on fancy headwear, bought a couple of trinkets, tasted tea, and only got a bit sunburned:

Spotsylvania Renaissance )

When we left the Faire, we drove to Fredericksburg for dinner at Mexico, our favorite restaurant in Richmond which now has a place open further north! Then Cheryl and Lin headed south and we headed north, getting home just before Adam, who had had dinner at the party. Since Paul and I had never seen it and son barely remembered it, we decided to watch Contact. I'm not much of a Jodie Foster fan -- she plays anger and misery well but not joy or wonder, so her movies tend to feel either dark or miscast -- but I appreciated her fury here over both mansplaining and scientific denial!


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