Feb. 13th, 2017

The Supremes )

I lost all of Sunday morning to a migraine that I couldn't figure out (not MSG, not snow, not the time of month) until the storm that blew in an hour ago and I checked the air pressure over the course of the past 24 hours. I had to stay horizontal, so we didn't leave the house until afternoon, when we went to Kohl's and Target for some necessities. Then we took Maddy to work and went to College Park for more shopping with Adam, with whom we also had dinner at the Silver Diner since breakfast food was all my stomach could handle.

We got home in time for the Grammys (I saw the annoying BAFTA results and decided I didn't need to watch; good for Viola and Dev and I don't mind Damien winning but UGH ENOUGH LA LA LAND). We missed Adele's start, which I understand was more impressive than her George Michael tribute, but we saw Beyonce's fantastic performance as a goddess and Adele's thank you to Beyonce was quite moving (and she's right, Lemonade should have won album of the year). Corden should get the Oscars next. Brookside Gardens this winter:

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