Jan. 29th, 2017

Come Slowly, Eden! )

We all got up and went to pick up Alice, Jeremy, and Avery so we could take a walk at the Virginia side of Great Falls. It was gorgeous out, a little colder than earlier in the week but there is winter jasmine in bloom locally! Maddy needed to join a group call from school and had trouble getting a signal, so we met her in the visitor center and saw the exhibits there. Then we all tried to go to IHOP, but it was so crowded that we ended up at the Lebanese Taverna Cafe in Arlington.

Great Falls )

Afterward we dropped Maddy off at work, then watched the very exciting Terrapins-Golden Gophers men's basketball game. Paul made Chinese and Thai food for dinner for the lunar new year, and after dinner we saw Allied. I am not a particularly big fan of Brad Pitt but having watched Casey Affleck's over-hyped performance in Manchester by the Sea, I was impressed by him (Cotillard is always wonderful, and the movie itself is well-paced and visually interesting).


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