Jan. 7th, 2017

Passion of Parting )

The DC area had a collective nervous breakdown on Friday because our snow forecast for Saturday went from negligible to possibly a couple of inches. We failed to buy bottled water and toilet paper, so we're hoping the sky does not fall over the weekend. I worked in the morning, posted a review of Voyager's still-entertaining "The Killing Game", and had cats circling me because I turned on the space heater. After lunch, we took Maddy to work and stopped in the park for a bit.

Then we came home and finished working while watching a couple of eighth season episodes of "Bones" (I know people say it jumped the shark by then, but the one with Booth's mother was quite good). We had dinner with my parents, discussed the news, then came home and saw the first episode of Emerald City, which is visually arresting and decently acted but I have no idea where the story is going and I'm finding the good witch scarier than the bad witch. From the VMFA's Russian art collection:

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