Nov. 26th, 2007

To Drink )

We got up early and went to see Enchanted -- the 10:30 show, which we thought was likely to be the least mobbed of the day. We were the first people in the theater half and hour before it started, but by the time the previews began, the theater was nearly full. I don't think it's as good a movie as the Shrek series, certainly not as subversive, but I enjoyed it anyway, especially Susan Sarandon as the wicked witch and Idina Menzel (Wicked's wicked witch) as a woman who deserves more respect than she gets in this film where innocence is the the most valued quality a woman can have). Spoilers. )

In the afternoon, since the weather was just as gorgeous as yesterday's, we decided to go to Great Falls. Like the zoo, it wasn't terribly crowded -- probably lots of people were at home watching the Redskins, but we knew better than to expect anything in that regard and sure enough, Washington lost. The canal barge has stopped giving rides for the season, the inn is closed for renovations and lots of trees have been cleared out -- but the autumn leaves are clinging in patches and there was a heron standing right in the low water between the two locks of the C&O Canal where the double-decker boat has been docked for the winter.

Great Falls Late Fall )

While I'm thinking about Enchanted, I wanted to note for locals that [ profile] fritterfae has posted about the DC Radical Faerie Yule: Legend of the Snow Prince, a gay seasonal fairy tale performance and dance. I watched Brotherhood's belated Thanksgiving episode, which was very dark -- not really an enjoyable note to end the weekend on, though an odd compensation of sorts for fairy tales as Rose turns stereotypes on their head -- spoilers. )
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