Sep. 2nd, 2007

Morphine )

We are in Pennsylvania at [ profile] apaulled's parents' house, where we had lunch and discussed the latest political insanity of the nation, then went to Gettysburg Battlefield, where we first let the kids climb on the rocks at Devil's Den since they needed some run-around time, then went to Seminary Ridge to see the Southern state monuments and the end of the reenactment whose cannons we had heard all over the park:

Behind Confederate Lines )

After a brief but necessary shopping stop, we had Swedish meatballs for dinner (one of my mother-in-law's specialties) and then birthday cake, belatedly for one son, early for the other but it was the easiest time to celebrate both since my in-laws were away in July and will be away again at the end of September. In addition to Maximus the groundhog, who is looking larger than ever, there were three large bunnies in the backyard munching on grass through the meal. Then we watched Boston clobbering the Orioles in a no-hitter while the kids pretended to do homework, griping that they were being forced by their mean parents to do that and take showers rather than making Lego spaceships.

We'll be at the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire all day Sunday -- Don Juan & Miguel, the Mud Show, the Globe, the Ultimate Joust!


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