Jul. 14th, 2007

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All week I've felt like it was Friday, and then today I kept forgetting it was Friday and trying to make plans for weekdays this week no longer has. Wrote a review of "When the Bough Breaks", a Next Gen episode it is simply impossible to love, and against my better judgment let the kids watch Date Movie, which they knew about from Epic Movie and was free On Demand and rated PG-13, but despite the main character explaining at one point that because of the rating there can be no actual lovemaking, I'd have preferred actual lovemaking to the fat jokes and sleaze. I realize Date Movie gets it honestly -- it's sending up such truly atrocious movies as Shallow Hal -- but I felt like I had to sit there citing all the references so the vulgar stuff would have a context and really except for the Meet the Fockers and My Best Friend's Wedding bits, it was mostly crude slapstick, not nearly as on target as Epic Movie.

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Extended family blather. ) This all came to light during dinner with my parents at a nice restaurant in Chevy Chase, followed by ice cream for the kids at Giffords -- I pretty much never go out for ice cream, it's not one of my weaknesses like chocolate bars, but their Swiss Chocolate is still my favorite flavor, though I was too full for it after shrimp at Clyde's. Came home and watched "The Shakespeare Code," having previously seen it on a miniscule television in Wales (not that I am in any way complaining, as I wish I could have watched the whole season on a miniscule television in Wales) and what a delight to be able to see such detail in the theatre and the performers' expressions. I love that they cast someone as Shakespeare who looks like the love child of Russell Crowe and Kenneth Branagh! And I love the Harry Potter connections -- what a perfect week to show this episode! Was talking to [livejournal.com profile] rexluscus about Patrick O'Brian books and got in the mood for some tall ship pictures...

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