Jun. 16th, 2007

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For the first day of no-school-for-the-summer, older son wanted a bagel with lox spread for breakfast, younger son wanted pistachios and cheese, and the neighbors' kids wanted them to hurry up and finish so they could get them to go down the basement and let everyone play on the Wii. I threw them out periodically to get some fresh air, but did not get any consistent time to get anything done this morning, and then after lunch older son spoke the fateful words, "I want to go see Pirates of the Caribbean again," to which younger son chimed in, "Yeah!"

So guess where we spent the afternoon. At rare moments I would ask myself, "Did I really need to give Disney even more money?" but then Elizabeth would stare down Jack or Will or James or Hector or Sao Feng and I would stop caring. (After Elizabeth, Barbossa is my favorite character in this movie and to some extent that is true of the first movie, too. Spoilery speculation. )

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Here, again, are the fluffy mixed-breed baby geese at the Rio shopping center where the movie theater is, because who can resist these faces:

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Saturday is Sail Baltimore's tall ships festival, so guess where we will be! And then hopefully to see Al Petteway and Amy White in a public park if the weather holds. Happy Bloomsday!


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