Aug. 25th, 2004

The Meal )

Another rushed entry because my son has a doctor's appointment this morning. I still haven't read anything anywhere in more than two weeks. The Yu-Gi-Oh movie was more entertaining than I expected, even though I had to keep asking my son stupid questions like "Is Pegasus immortal...well, then, how did he invent the game?" and "Is Kaiba's younger sibling a boy or a girl?" But now I have been informed that I must take my children to Burger King for lunch so they can get the tie-in toys! Woe!

This afternoon my in-laws are coming to return the gerbils and have dinner, tomorrow both kids have school orientations (of course, one in the morning, the other in the afternoon), Friday has been reserved for tracking down the school supplies we haven't managed to get yet -- teach us to go out of town for most of August. Am hoping to get to Baltimore for the Constellation anniversary this weekend but we'll see how much insanity is left!

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LJers And Other People I Know )

In-laws still here. Younger son's orientation is tomorrow morning, not tomorrow afternoon, nice of the school to give us so much advance notification. Older son's doctor appointment delayed by nearly an hour, which I guess is to be expected in the current medical climate. But, you know, I did get to eat California Tortilla two days in a row, and was able to bring in Burger King for kids without having to eat any myself!

GIP, stolen from here. Want. But want the Geoff Hunt book even more.


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