Apr. 28th, 2003

...by Aharon Shabtai, passed on from Edward Hirsch's 'Poet's Choice' column yesterday... )

Am ambivalent about this. It's lower than the score of the person I gacked it from, whom I will not embarrass by naming here!

My freakiness score is: 297
Are you a freak?
Find out your freakiness level.

Have just spent all morning resizing and color-correcting photos from our trip -- 199 in all, not counting the nearly 600 I didn't touch! Don't even have them all uploaded to my web page yet, but I'm putting this one here so certain people will stop asking when I'm going to send them pictures. This is me in Avebury beside one of the standing stones in the circle, wearing a tourist t-shirt that I bought at Leeds Castle because everyone had warned me that we would have cold, rainy sweater weather so I didn't pack anything short-sleeved...

and my kids at the circle:

All posted here, linked at the bottom of the trip report which is a slightly expanded version of what I posted in this journal. See my husband, my kids, [livejournal.com profile] viva_gloria, et al.

Here I am again, bonding with Lady Macbeth. (No comments about my height, [livejournal.com profile] jenwrites, she's on a pedestal!)


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