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After a quiet morning of Sunday paper and some computer work, I got to spend most of Sunday with Annmarie, who is in town from Kentucky for an event with her former Army colleagues (she's retired but still done some PA events). We picked her up at a friend's house near Mount Vernon, which was our original destination, but the mansion and distillery were both closed this weekend, so since it was cold we decided to stay indoors and went to the Torpedo Factory in Alexandria instead.

We saw lots of painting, pottery, and jewelry, talked to lots of artists, and ate a chocolate croissant and part of an excellent baguette. Then we dropped our purchases off at the car and walked to Bilbo Baggins for dinner, where we shared the excellent brie en croute and I had gnocchi with Asian peanut sauce (my request). After dropping Annmarie off, we got home in time for the Grammys, which have had some good performances and lots of awesome girl power but have been endless!

2019-02-10 15.06.06

2019-02-10 13.49.19

2019-02-10 17.50.47
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