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The weather was very up and down on Sunday and there were some disagreements about what we should be doing when (father: playing tennis all morning with friends and grandchildren, mother: meeting up with all her friends in Bethany, kids: swimming, me and [livejournal.com profile] apaulled: beach), so by the time we all finished doing random things in the morning and headed out to the ocean, a thunderstorm arrived minutes after we did. Defeated, we came back to the condo for lunch, then went to play miniature golf at Viking Golf, which longtime readers of this journal will remember from two years ago -- the cheesy representations of Norse mythology have not changed but it is still one of the more fun courses in Fenwick Island, with fire- (well, steam-) breathing dragons, waterfalls and shirtless gods in skirts.

A fake monolith covered with potentially fake runes (they look vaguely Futhark-derivative but I'm not familiar enough with them to read them) in front of the longship, which one gets to golf aboard.

Kangor and Midgard breathe lovely cool steam out over the golf course, err, Viking Underworld.

The troll had better watch out, as the sign about the dragons says they eat trolls. Of course, the sign beneath the troll, who lives in a tree blocking a golf hole, says that he bites children who climb on the tree's roots.

There also appears to be a troll overlooking the great Icelandic geyser. I don't remember this being here two years ago when we played.

Here is the Viking warrior who guards the entrance to the Underworld. He always makes me think of Gamling from the film of The Two Towers.

And another view of the dragons breathing fire over the course.

In the late afternoon the storms let up for awhile and we finally got some quality time at the beach, where although the waterline was much lower than in then morning -- the tide was going out -- the waves were quite rough and great fun to bob over on body boards after we got tired of trying to swim through them. No dolphins, but there were plenty of seagulls and sandcrabs, a few pelicans and a couple of fiddler crabs waving claws in their holes in the dunes under the boardwalks (the dunes are protected here and no one is allowed to cross them on foot). We came back for dinner and watched The Bourne Identity, which we had brought on DVD based on the recommendations of many people here; I liked it, didn't love it, in many ways found the storyline entirely predictable and was disappointed Clive Owen and Julia Styles didn't have more interesting roles, thought I thought Matt Damon was terrific and I really, really liked Franka Potente which surprised me because all I knew about her before the movie were the rumors about her and Elijah Wood. *g* Anyway, I do want to see the others!
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