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How God Sees
By Susan McMaster

Look out from the top
of the Gatineau Hills,
lean over the stone wall
at the Parkway's edge
and cover the whole expanse
of glittering green
in one wide sweep
know, without tracking it
how the river bends
twists through fields
that lie like pillows
on their limestone bed,
how roads stitch between

One glance, it's all there

And then, pick a leaf
from the ivy on the wall
cup it in your fingers
trace the fine veins
bend closer

The whole wide valley
in a green beam
along a slender rib

ray out to the rim


Happy birthday Canada and happy anniversary Paul! I had chores to do Friday but they were mostly enjoyable -- watching baseball while folding laundry, going to A.C. Moore to get frames for new artwork, checking Target for bathroom etageres (too wide for the space), framing and hanging things. I tried to join a big Pokemon Go raid, but when I arrived, two of the four people decided we needed more to defeat the Snorlax, so I settled for a little Quilava raid instead.

We had dinner with my parents, a bit shortened because Adam had decided five minutes before we left to go to a movie with friends (Baby Driver, which he thought was pretty good). Paul and I watched Another Country because I got in the mood for it watching other British spy-related movies this week; it's still great. Since we are going to Virginia tomorrow, here are some photos from the Monroe Museum in Fredericksburg earlier this year:

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