To Drink )

We got up early and went to see Enchanted -- the 10:30 show, which we thought was likely to be the least mobbed of the day. We were the first people in the theater half and hour before it started, but by the time the previews began, the theater was nearly full. I don't think it's as good a movie as the Shrek series, certainly not as subversive, but I enjoyed it anyway, especially Susan Sarandon as the wicked witch and Idina Menzel (Wicked's wicked witch) as a woman who deserves more respect than she gets in this film where innocence is the the most valued quality a woman can have). Spoilers. )

In the afternoon, since the weather was just as gorgeous as yesterday's, we decided to go to Great Falls. Like the zoo, it wasn't terribly crowded -- probably lots of people were at home watching the Redskins, but we knew better than to expect anything in that regard and sure enough, Washington lost. The canal barge has stopped giving rides for the season, the inn is closed for renovations and lots of trees have been cleared out -- but the autumn leaves are clinging in patches and there was a heron standing right in the low water between the two locks of the C&O Canal where the double-decker boat has been docked for the winter.

Great Falls Late Fall )

While I'm thinking about Enchanted, I wanted to note for locals that [ profile] fritterfae has posted about the DC Radical Faerie Yule: Legend of the Snow Prince, a gay seasonal fairy tale performance and dance. I watched Brotherhood's belated Thanksgiving episode, which was very dark -- not really an enjoyable note to end the weekend on, though an odd compensation of sorts for fairy tales as Rose turns stereotypes on their head -- spoilers. )
Hermeticism )

I believe I am being given a message from some higher power about my internet addiction, or else being tested on my dedication, because yet AGAIN we had a crisis...this time it was a Comcast outage across our entire county that affected cable television as well as cable kept some people from the Redskins game, so I can only imagine the level of screaming at headquarters. So even the one remaining working computer in the house and [ profile] apaulled's work computer had no access, and I was cranky indeed.

Since I couldn't get any work done while Adam was at Hebrew school, we went out after lunch. The kids wanted to play with Daniel's best friend, so we dropped them off, briefly contemplated going to the movies to beat the heat, and ended up at Great Falls where it was actually breezier than yesterday and quite green despite the area being on the verge of a draught. The river itself is very low, and there were a group of kayakers taking turns going down rapids that are usually impossible to navigate due to underwater rocks; now the rocks are all exposed. We saw a huge turtle on a rock in the canal, but only one great blue heron; they must be looking for better fishing.

The Kayakers vs The River )

The Redskins looked so terrible in pre-season that we had not made watching the game a priority, so after walking around at the falls, we stopped at the Bethesda Co-op for maple syrup and organic oatmeal and at was 10-10 when we left Great Falls, 13-13 when we got home, and we got to see the overtime win over the Dolphins and I got a bit excited in spite of everything. Then we watched a bit of the Chargers-Bears and the New England games, and now Dallas is regrettably beating the Giants in a game with a very high total score. Ahh, football season...just as long as I'm not stuck in the house all day with the TV on!
Night Garden )

I went out to lunch with [ profile] gblvr for her birthday, except I left her birthday present sitting at home on my dining room table. We managed to eat Mexican food anyway, and shop at Target and Bath & Body Works and discuss what we liked about Movie 5 and the insanity surrounding Book 7. I see that the Baltimore Sun has published an advance review with a major someone going to get sacked for that? And is everyone on LJ going to unfriend the Baltimore Sun? ETA: Oh, now I hear it's a legitimate copy that Deep Discount shipped a week early! Someone is not only going to get sacked but sued!

Picked up the kids from camp and lost part of the late afternoon to an incipient migraine (time of month and weather front converging...head feels miserable), woke up and decided I don't really like the shirt I bought at Target and can't decide whether I like the skort enough to was only $15, but if I'm going back to return the shirt I could always bring it back too. Wrote a medium-boring article on Nicholas Meyer reflecting on The Wrath of Khan and a painful article on Susan Sackett trying to cash in on her relationship with Gene Roddenberry, which I hope I managed to strip down to stuff that is actually relevant to Star Trek. Then we watched the BBC's Midsummer Night's Dream with Helen Mirren as Titania and Robert Lindsay as Lysander...the whole cast is terrific, but those two in particular.

Great Falls Herons )

I'm going to see Vienna Teng as an anniversary present! *bounces* But what is with Firefox? Ever since they installed that update last night it moves at the speed of molasses, and I even updated Java. Well, shall hope it works well enough to post a squeeful Vienna report tomorrow!
Honor the Ass )

Younger son's official last day of elementary school is over and I have no idea where the hours went. All right, that isn't exactly true: there were clothes to be washed, a trip to the pharmacy, a trip to the food store, a couple of trips shuttling children and their friends to various houses and other very exciting domestic things like that. Plus I finished my Shutterfly book about our trip to England because I realized that my coupon for lots of money off was about to expire, and I got Father's Day stuff taken care off and kids fed and while folding laundry I watched the last two episodes from last season's Torchwood. I'd seen "Captain Jack Harkness" before but not "End of Days" which I'd heard was quite bloody, though it wasn't nearly as bad as the Welsh cannibals; both reminded me a great deal of X-Files episodes, which I mean in a good way in the case of the former and a bad way in the case of the latter but I'll take the up-and-down. And now finally I see why there's so much Ianto/Jack slash, though in this case I see it the way I see Chakotay/Seven of Nine; hard to deny it's there, but that doesn't mean I have to enjoy it.

Okay, may I just admit now that the Live Free or Die Hard previews put a smile on my face every time, which makes me suspect that I am a shallow, pathetic human being? And that when my mother keeps finding excuses to drag out a phone conversation from the other side of the world so she can keep saying "I love you, honey" to try to guilt me into saying it back -- we're talking six times in one conversation, much of which was about how she has found ways to be bored on a cruise in the Aegean -- it not only makes me not want to say it, it makes me never want to say it? She tries to compel it not only from me, but from my children, from whom she will demand it directly, and I know this means I am a terrible daughter as well as a pathetic human being but I can't help resenting this. Ah well, I see that the basketball season is over. For this week. Like the hockey season I am pretty sure it starts again next week. But how come the network didn't pay San Antonio to throw this game so they'd get ratings money?

Seen in the Great Falls parking lot last weekend, a license plate that sums up my feelings about so many things this week. *g*

ETA: [ profile] vimeslady posted this information about anal eroticism and Harry Potter and I am absolutely howling. Because, you know, fannish interests aren't mainstream and must be hidden from the children and normal people...
Rima, Sonnet 134 )

On Wednesday, my younger son graduates from elementary school and my older son from middle school. This means I have to get up very early and get all dressed up and do a whole bunch of things, so this will be a short entry. I don't have a lot to report from today, anyway, since I was home doing work and answering a lot of correspondence. *g* And scanning photos. Older son's last day of school Tuesday was spent at Six Flags on roller coasters and the Nantucket, which is apparently a flume that left him quite wet (which is probably a good thing as it was very hot out and he came home with his nose a bit sunburned). Younger son had a pizza party in class and came home with a crowd of boys who wanted to play some Wii Mario game; I sent them all outside to ride bikes instead.

The New Canal Boat )

Since we had to pick older son up from his field trip, we had dinner out (mall Thai, not the best but passable). My two articles for the day were an inconsequential one about the Filmation founder and the animated Star Trek series, and a fun one about a Vulcan in Canada...okay, actually just a guy with green blood. Really. Hey, have to have some distraction from US prisons banning religious books. And now I'm stressed about my stress. I'm so glad I never saw a single episode of The Sopranos so I don't have to be involved in the hysteria over the finale, at least!
Distinction )

Went to Barnes & Noble where I expected to meet my mother for lunch, but she was on the phone all morning and running so late that we ended up not meeting. Since I was there, though, I bought a collection of Irish poetry and a book on digital photo editing off the bargain table as well as the book I went there to get in the first place: Andre Aciman's Call Me by Your Name after the rave review in The Washington Post this morning (second rave I read, The New York Times loved it too). I've only read about 20 pages but it's magnificent...heady sexy dreamlike storytelling about first love and nostalgia, one of my favorite genres. He writes about romantic-erotic obsession as well as anyone I have ever read, except perhaps Shakespeare and Margaret Anderson (note: I hate talking about books I love, grad school did that to me). Anyway, the first chapter is here if anyone's interested.

Had a relatively low key day otherwise...felt like I was getting a migraine but then the rain arrived in the evening and my head cleared. We had to take Rosie back to the vet to get her mouth checked, which so far looks good, and I had the very great pleasure of writing up a Shatner birthday article about the renewal for a fourth season of Boston Legal. Watched Smallville, which I have pretty much nothing to say about except stupid annoyed spoilers. )

Seasonal Shift )

John Edwards blather. ) delivered my inexpensive, decent quality headset earlier, and now [ profile] half_elf_lost has taken my Skype virginity, heh. Am waiting for my first time on Google Talk. And I'm still so excited to have discovered so I can send text messages for free from Europe!
Into the Lincoln Tunnel )

We woke to about a quarter-inch of snow on the ground, plus some patches of slushy puddles where all the rain from Friday had half-frozen overnight. Hebrew school was cancelled, so we all slept late. When we finally got moving, we had soup, cheese and crackers for lunch, then went for a walk at Great Falls (which is featured in next month's Outdoor Photographer in one of the columns on photo opportunities). The towpath was muddy and the boardwalks wet and icy, but the river was spectacular -- higher than I've ever seen it except perhaps in the aftermath of Hurricane Isabel (and the islands were closed to pedestrians then, so we didn't see as much).

Thundering River )

Came home in time to wave goodbye to Maryland at the NCAA tournament, a pretty sad display, then watched most of the Georgetown game. At 10, PBS showed Visions of Ireland which we missed part of last time, so since it was St. Patrick's Day, we watched that. In between, older son announced that he had to have "White and Nerdy" and "Ebay" on his MP3 player, and this set off a huge Weird Al nostalgia kick with all of us clustered around the computer watching YouTube -- some official Weird Al music videos, some songvids set to his music (like a fabulous Firefly vid to "Trigger Happy") and a bunch of anime clips that the kids recognized but I didn't. Somewhere I have a songvid -- on videotape! -- that someone made to "The Saga Begins" with clips from various Star Wars movies, which I really must dig out.

Does anyone here use Skype Mobile? T-Mobile knows when I'm using AIM or Y!M on my phone and charges for them like text messages and I am wondering whether I can get away with using Skype's chat feature without that happening. I also need to get a cheap headset and try actually talking on Skype. I might need a tutorial from someone who knows what they're doing. In other news, Rosie is recovered enough to boot Cinnamon off the couch and squabble over who gets to sit in empty grocery bags, yay!


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