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Adventure! Excitement! A Jedi craves not these things! And neither should you if you are reading this entry because there's no excitement here! My lunch date couldn't make it, my older son brought a friend home so the house was noisy, and there's just not much to report. I did write a review of "The Measure of a Man", possibly the greatest Next Generation episode of all, and took younger son to the local high school to pick up the oranges his middle school's band sold as a fundraiser, and lugged a gigantic box of oranges from the van to my parents' kitchen, and put my own box of oranges out on the deck where it was nice and cool till my husband got home so he could tell me whether the bowl of what appears to be yellow puke in one of the crisper drawers was some science project as opposed to something he stuck in there and never got rid of. (It's gone now. At some point it was apparently a component of some elaborate cookie batter that never got finished.)

Poor Richard Leigh! I think he sued Dan Brown because now, instead of the first line of his obituary reading " of Holy Blood, Holy Grail," his obituary reads "author of one of the books that inspired The Da Vinci Code." (I know, I should be more concerned about Evel Knievel or the arrests in the Sean Taylor shooting or the hostage crisis at the Clinton campaign, not to mention the fact that the state of Kansas is about to ensure that no woman in the US who needs a late-term abortion to protect her life or health will be able to get one, but it's Friday night and my brain is not going there.)

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Like a dork I watched the Flash Gordon fall finale...had intended to ignore it, but it had evil witches possessing other people's bodies and hurling fireballs and stuff. *g* Miniscule spoilers. ) And then we watched SGA, which was amazing. Emmy-caliber stuff from David Hewlett level amazing, and I'm not even a Rodney fan. Bigger spoilers. )
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There's no point in talking about my day before 5 p.m because I spent it waiting for the plumber. Who was supposed to arrive at noon. And then at three. And then at four. I said, no point in talking about it. The kids had no school and alternated between playing games here, playing games at a friend's house and playing outside on this first really cool day of the fall. Adam was up from about 7 a.m. like I was, Daniel slept till 10, I worked on holiday card notes and rearranged my summer and winter clothes in my closet and wrote a review of "A Matter of Honor", the enormously entertaining Next Gen episode in which Riker takes an assignment on a Klingon ship.

No surprise whatsoever here, but we will not be seeing my sister and her husband again this trip: after going downtown with their oldest daughter, they took off to stay in a hotel in Georgetown, leaving the girls with my parents, and will meet up at the airport tomorrow. We had dinner with my parents and all the kids and had a very nice that the two older girls are movie- and game-literate, it doesn't matter to my boys so much that they also like Hannah Montana and Dora the Explorer and the Spiderwick books (apparently little has changed since I was young and it is still cool for girls to like "boy" books but totally uncool for boys to like "girl" stuff in middle school, sigh).

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Friday was another day spent with lots of cleaning and very little to show for it. I did manage to move an entire shelf of Starlog magazines down to the basement and move an entire shelf and a half of art books upstairs -- they'll be better protected if we have any more floods or anything, though their spines will be exposed to more sunlight and I'm hoping they won't fade. Had spontaneous lunch with [ profile] gblvr at Minerva, which was yummy, and she played Jonathan Coulton for me and now I'm feeling Tom Cruise Crazy, heh.

Wrote a mediocre review of "Unnatural Selection" -- it is much easier to write a review of an episode that is truly inspired or truly awful than one that's just sort of meh, but then, I suppose it is also easier to write an episode that is truly inspired or truly awful than one that's just sort of meh. Had dinner with my parents, sounds like my sister and her kids are arriving on Wednesday, details to follow. Watched SGA, which I enjoyed very much, being the only person I know who likes Samantha Carter better than Rodney McKay. Spoilers. )

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TV Review: Star Trek: The Next Generation's "Loud as a Whisper"

Now that I'm updating this journal daily, I'm going to stop posting updates. Next week the TNG review will be linked from my nightly entry.
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