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I started my Thursday in the usual fashion, waking up with Adam to buy stuff for our Superpoke Pets. (The sunrise beach is very pretty, and I had to have a mariachi-singing tiger.) Then I did lots of stuff too boring to talk about until he got home from school. (No, really, you don't want to know about the cat barf.) At that point, my mother picked us up and we went to meet with the Bar Mitzvah photographer, who lives in a pretty neighborhood near the Potomac River. (We liked her work and her style very much -- she's friendly, easygoing, and interesting -- though she horrified us by telling us that she removes the nests with baby birds surrounding her porch because she doesn't want bird poop on the porch.) Speaking of birds, here are some more adorable goslings from Lake Whetstone:

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We watched Smallville under the mistaken impression that it might be the season finale, which it clearly was not, since no one met a tragic fate and very little stuff blew up. Spoilers. ) I've been quite happy with Obama during his first hundred days -- not everything, not several privacy and environmental decisions in particular. But even if I had been thoroughly disgusted with him, David Souter reminded me tonight of the single most important reason I supported Obama and I would have supported any Democrat in the race who got the nomination. I haven't been enthralled with Souter all the time either, but considering who appointed him, we got very lucky.

I am on Dreamwidth under my usual username. Haven't bought a paid account yet, though I probably will in near future because I've been impressed with the site thus far and am happy to support advertising-free, user-friendly blogging. But I'm not planning on leaving Blogger or LiveJournal, nor am I planning on making Dreamwidth my primary reading list, so you are welcome to keep reading me here or switch there or find me on InsaneJournal...whatever makes you happy!
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Sunday was just as hot as Saturday in the DC area, and we were silly enough to spend it much the same way -- partly at a science fair on a local campus, partly seeing animals outdoors. Montgomery College was hosting the annual Rockville Science Day, so after Hebrew school and lunch, we went there with the kids and Adam's friend. This is always a fun event in that there's a range of exhibits from locally built solar cars and college-designed robots, reptiles and birds from local environmental and rescue organizations, space exhibits, nutrition and health displays, and hands-on demonstrations of chemistry, the life cycle of earthworms and things like that. Daniel would probably have been more interested in the robotics if he had not been practicing "I'm too old for this" detachment, but the younger two were excited about all the animals.

From there, we drove to Lake Whetstone in Gaithersburg for our annual search for goslings. We didn't have to search far; after a brief stop at an ice cream truck and a few minutes looking at the great blue heron nests in the trees on the island in the lake, we found a family of geese munching the grass on the lawn of one of the houses that circle the lake beyond the path. We saw several other families with goslings, plus herons, egrets, cormorants, ducks, turtles, fish, songbirds, a red-winged blackbird and a snake. It was very, very hot and we finished all our water before we were three-quarters of the way around the lake, but it was very nice to see all the animals, and cooler by the lake than it had been at College Park on Saturday.

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In the late afternoon, we drove down to the restaurant where Adam's Bar Mitzvah party will take place to pick up a seating chart and ask a bunch of questions. Then we had pizza with my parents. When we got home, I folded six loads of laundry while watching October Project live at TLA from a decade ago, then we all watched Futurama: Into the Wild Green Yonder, which was not my favorite of the specials for a variety of reasons, but still had many funny moments and was Daniel's choice after being away for several days.
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I have had a very lovely day with [ profile] dementordelta and my children, whose presence limited our porn-writing adult conversation but did not stop us from having lunch at Tara Thai and going to see Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End (her first time; my, um, fifth). Okay, I might as well confess, since I said it to her: I think Barbossa is the hottest man in that movie and in many ways I also think he and Elizabeth are perfect for each other, even if (or perhaps because) he's pretty much the only man in the movie who does not try to kiss her...which, okay, is probably an even bigger indication that he prefers men than spoiler ) but I'm betting that as a pirate he's also probably flexible. More movie blather. ) Anyway, [ profile] dementordelta -- who also brought me Tarot decks, whee! -- and my children and I also saw...

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And on the subject of birds, [ profile] robinwest sent me the Chicago Tribune article on how giant penguins may once have roamed in Peru, and [ profile] ladykoori sent me the illustrated Discovery Channel version! It's probably a good thing the penguins are extinct or my son would want to move to Peru to get one as a pet.
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For the first day of no-school-for-the-summer, older son wanted a bagel with lox spread for breakfast, younger son wanted pistachios and cheese, and the neighbors' kids wanted them to hurry up and finish so they could get them to go down the basement and let everyone play on the Wii. I threw them out periodically to get some fresh air, but did not get any consistent time to get anything done this morning, and then after lunch older son spoke the fateful words, "I want to go see Pirates of the Caribbean again," to which younger son chimed in, "Yeah!"

So guess where we spent the afternoon. At rare moments I would ask myself, "Did I really need to give Disney even more money?" but then Elizabeth would stare down Jack or Will or James or Hector or Sao Feng and I would stop caring. (After Elizabeth, Barbossa is my favorite character in this movie and to some extent that is true of the first movie, too. Spoilery speculation. )

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Here, again, are the fluffy mixed-breed baby geese at the Rio shopping center where the movie theater is, because who can resist these faces:

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Saturday is Sail Baltimore's tall ships festival, so guess where we will be! And then hopefully to see Al Petteway and Amy White in a public park if the weather holds. Happy Bloomsday!
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Thanks for the condolences about Ginger...we're all pretty sad, though I wouldn't say we're upset exactly...we had a feeling this was coming the last time we visited my in-laws and saw that the dog could barely walk anymore. I actually had quite a nice morning, as [ profile] cidercupcakes came to visit and while we were trying to decide whether to go to Great Falls or eat lunch out, she mentioned that she had never seen Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End, which made "what should we do today" a no-brainer. I called a friend to ask whether my younger son could go home with her son for a little while, called the school to have them tell son to go to her house and took off for the movies.

It's funny -- I have total, absolute, unreserved love for this movie, in a way that I did not for the first two even though I think the first one is better edited and the acting in all three is delightful (yes, Orlando Bloom too -- it's not his fault if his character is written as the straight man). I don't think I realized how essential Barbossa was to my enjoyment of the first until he returned in the third, but the third movie in particular is Elizabeth's story and I love watching her come into her own, her entire arc, even the ending which I find really appropriate and not a downer. Came home, wrote brief articles on the Tony Awards and how George Takei is doing a bit part in a smutty teen movie in New Orleans for his summer vacation, entertained three boys, had dinner, not a bad afternoon either except for being sad.

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In the evening I put on what I got in the mail...I had ordered the special edition of Field of Dreams from Deep Discount DVD's big summer sale, because I have unreserved love for it (yes, Kevin Costner too) and although I had bought it on VHS and recorded it off cable, I needed the DVD which comes with several specials that I have not watched yet plus deleted scenes, which I have! Lots of new scenes in various states of finish (the one at Fenway looks very clean, the one in the garden looks like it was in a rubbish bin). More Amy Madigan and more James Earl Jones! And a bit more of Archie and the metaphysics of "going out," and Annie saying that Ray's agnostic, which wasn't entirely clear before. I didn't inherit my father's love of baseball on a game-to-game basis but I completely relate to American generational myth of the sport. (They were just showing Mets highlights on the news and there were seagulls on the field that would not go away until the pitcher chased them...hee!) Of course the movie made me cry, but it always does. Sigh.

Eee, Yahoo! has the American Gangster trailer! And I still haven't managed to catch Russell on American Chopper with his motorcycles!
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We were going to go pick berries after lunch today (morning Trek news: Ron Moore thinks it's funny to announce that he's glad he's now writing for a show where he can torture and rape to his heart's content). But the sky looked suspiciously overcast, and as we were driving it started to pour, even though both Accuweather and Yahoo insisted that there was no rain in the area. Rather than drive to Poolesville only to find out that the tractors to the strawberry fields weren't running due to lightning or mud or something, we went to Great Falls, arriving as the clouds broke conclusively and the sun came out.

Because of the morning storm, Great Falls was not very crowded, and there were lots of animals: deer, turtles, a skink and the most herons I have ever seen in the Potomac River at a time, with 7-8 fishing and circling on the rocks. The water was relatively low, but the canal was high and the Charles F. Mercer packet boat was giving cruises, towed by mules. There were also geese with adolescent goslings, and I got several adorable photos but these photos are from Saturday at the shopping center at Rio -- the first time in two years that there has clearly been interracial dating, which makes me happy though I don't know why (I was brought up on the myth that Canadian geese are monogamous and never stray outside their own group, so it might be a bad environmental sign if our local Canadian geese never migrate to Canada and have babies with the locals). It's just so cute to see another family with a yellow chick, a brown chick and a chick in the middle.

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We stopped at the Bethesda Co-op and World Market, where we got ingredients for Indian butter chicken and Bombay potatoes, which we had for dinner. Watched the talky Tonys -- best supporting actors in musicals whom we won't ever see again give longer speeches than Oscar winners, I swear -- mostly to see the Company revival, Patti LuPone and Grey Gardens. With two Star Trek actors up for Best Actor in a Play (Christopher Plummer and winner Frank Langella), I figured I should pay attention, but mostly I ended up feeling sorry for Michael Sheen, who gave two terrific performances this year in Frost/Nixon and The Queen only to be completely overshadowed by his co-stars. And, not having seen Spring Awakening, I still wish Grey Gardens had won!
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I had a lovely day with [ profile] juleskicks, who came up for an early lunch at California Pizza Kitchen before the mall got mobbed, then sat me down to watch the parts of the remake of The Hitcher that I wanted to see (namely: no violence, torture or murder except of really stupid cops, of which this movie had so many that it would be impossible to skip over all of them). It's a really bad movie and it's not even like I can compare it to the terrifying Rutger Hauer original because that movie was extremely scary and made a real impression with less onscreen violence, whereas this's bad when you're slashing the killer and his victims, isn't it? Jules says I can't go to hell for this but it was her idea in the first place!

Since we were already discussing great wrongness, I put on the highlights of The Search for John Gissing (Gissing/Chair OTP) and Gangster No. 1 (Paul Bettany/David Thewlis' clothes OTP) and I realized I really need to show her Volver, which is one of the best movies about women who need to smash things that I've ever seen. Otherwise it was a pretty uneventful day...younger son had violin which ended just as the worst thunderstorm in a year hit, I tried calling older son to tell him to wait under cover at the bus stop for me but he and his friend had already started walking, I found them cowering under a bush a few yards away and brought them both back here absolutely soaked, then we lost power for awhile. By the time it came back on I had a belated list of articles that I was apparently supposed to write in the evening, two big fat long ones and a shorter one...did one of the long ones, power went out again right when I hit send and for a minute I thought I lost it but there must be a higher power because it posted. Phew.

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Watched this week's episode of The Tudors in the evening, a show that has completely sucked me in despite myself. It's not that the acting is so superlative -- some of the supporting performances are quite over the top -- and it's not that it's either historically accurate or so well written dramatically that I forget the real history, but it manages to be quite appealing and attractive (the number of stunningly beautiful people, men and women, on that show has got to be some kind of record). My kids like it too...I don't mind if they see the sex but I hope the violence doesn't get as bad as Rome and Brotherhood or that may have to stop, which would be a shame because they actually know this history pretty well and have interesting things to say about the adaptation.
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Because it's not my parents' thing, and it's what I most wanted to do for Mother's Day, we went to Gaithersburg today on a mission to see the goslings that were not in evidence when we were there a couple of weeks ago, and we were very successful! First we went to Montgomery Village, where we recently saw adult geese and herons, though we knew from last year that this was a good place to get up close and personal with baby geese, and we were not disappointed! Then, as we were driving past Lakeforest Mall toward central Gaithersburg, we saw more goslings in the pond by the mall parking lot!

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Then, because we were all a bit hungry and thirsty after walking around the lake, we went to Potbelly for root beer floats/smoothies and walked around the lake at the Rio shopping center, where we saw even more goslings! It was a gorgeous high-70s day and there were many people around the lake, especially with children; dozens of paddleboats were on the water and the outdoor tables at the numerous restaurants were doing good business. Came home, barbecued turkey burgers, fought a bit with LiveJournal code (Final Score: LiveJournal 3, Me 0), did some reading, now must go wrap mother's presents since we are going downtown with them Sunday, hopefully to the National Portrait Gallery and then the National Building Museum to see the exhibit on the Globe Theatre. Happy Mother's Day to everyone who is a mother or has a mother!
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You can thank The Tudors for the poem, since Wyatt was writing it in the sixth episode which I finally got around to watching (he read it to Thomas Tallis, who's delightfully a bit gay in this production.) I got to watch while finally getting the laundry folded, though it was a near thing, because younger son came home and announced that he had to have pine cones for a math project, and the pine cones in our neighborhood were rejected because they didn't have the right swirl patterns to determine how many of the little pointy bits were going clockwise or counterclockwise, thus requiring my husband and my parents to check out the pine cones near where they live and work before [ profile] apaulled finally came home with five that passed muster.

Otherwise, it was a quiet day...wrote up a bunch of trivial Trek news (including Doohan's ashes gone missing as the rocket payload is lost somewhere in the New Mexico mountains), took a long walk because it was so gorgeous out, and ate very little because I have a cankersore right where my tongue hits the inside of my mouth and it hurts like hell when I eat. Watched Heroes, a.k.a. My Mother Made Me Do It; was pleased to see various plot threads converging (hey, they did have a plan!) but am still not liking some of the characterization, namely: the Petrelli love is lost on me. Spoilers. )

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