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Another day in the lead-up to the start of school next week, we made the inevitable Target run for school supplies and are now the proud owners of new dividers, lined and graph paper, composition books, colored pencils, a compass, and various other necessities (both kids swear they don't need new binders, which means that two weeks from now when Staples and Office Depot are both out of them, we will be frantically searching for one). We also stopped at the mall so Adam could sell back his Petz Catz game for half price and get a used copy of Puzzlequest Challenge Warlords, which apparently pleases him far more and the total was only about $9 more, so that worked out about as well as could be expected. Plus Adam discovered the nightmare that is Owls and proceeded to sing it to me all day, so he was in a good mood. Daniel got new clothes from both me and my mother, yet somehow this did not make him ecstatic.

Oddly enough, in the midst of all this fun, I got a murderous migraine and when the kids finally went to the pool at three, I collapsed on the couch under the influence of Imitrex for two hours. This helped a great deal, though not quickly enough for me to want to go see Jennifer Cutting's Ocean Orchestra even though they were playing for free in Fairfax (we're going to see Iona on Thursday night and Great Big Sea on Friday, so I can't really complain). Instead we stayed home and watched the rest of Amadeus -- not much new material added in the last hour of the director's cut, so it played out pretty much as I remember it from seeing it over and over in the theater my freshman year of college. The kids were extremely attentive, which they are not always during historical epics or classical music, so I felt very gratified.

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Daniel requested Robot Chicken before Olympic diving, so we put on the second season and got to see the hilarious Harry Potter parody with Melanie Griffith as Hermione -- small spoiler. ) Plus they did March of the Penguin -- Danny DeVito crossed with Morgan Freeman -- which also cracked us up because we are ALL twelve. Condolences on the cancellation of Stargate Atlantis -- I still haven't caught up on the first season, let alone on this season, but I know a lot of people are very sad!
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Another domestic day broken up by taking the kids to the pool, going to the post office, and various shopping chores. Both kids wanted to go out to spend the last of their birthday money on video games, since this is the last week they can play them on weekdays before school starts: Daniel wanted Final Fantasy IV, Adam wanted Petz Cats 2 which he apparently thought would be like a cat version of Nintendogs. It wasn't, and he was bitterly disappointed and spent the rest of the afternoon unhappy. I didn't know what to tell him, since I always tell them to check ratings and play demos before they spend their money on games. I'm wondering whether this particular game has glitches in it and that's why he can't make it do the things he thought it did, but I don't know enough about Nintedo DS games to have any idea!

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I'm completely oversaturated on the Olympics -- we all are -- so in the evening we watched Deja Vu on On Demand, which was a much better movie than I was expecting...I'm not sure why I didn't expect to like it so much, considering it's a great cast and a neat sci-fi hook. Spoilers. ) I am worried, though, about the sea turtles that wandered into a restaurant and the baby whale that tried to bond with a yacht after its mother apparently abandoned it. At least there is good news for penguins who want to be knights.
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We talked about maybe going downtown today to see the exhibit on China's lost fleet at National Geographic or the one on Afghanistan's treasures at the National Gallery of Art, but laundry and getting organized ended up winning out. So I have nothing really exciting to report, not even on our neighborhood pool's dessert party, which was scheduled for tonight but apparently got switched at some point while we were out of town. The kids swam anyway and played with Adam's good friend, and I got some photos cropped and answered a pile of e-mail.

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I love that version of the Exodus music that Anna Pavlova uses for her gymnastics floor routine at the Olympics. Does anyone know who did the recording? And whether Pavlova has ever commented on why she chose it? I can't believe her coach, the Russian team coordinator and Pavlova herself (is she related to the dancer of the same name?) are all unaware of the music's origin or what the film and the book it's based on are about.
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We're home after a relatively easy drive -- very little traffic approaching or going over the Bay Bridge despite the accident earlier in the week -- and a nice afternoon in Dover. I convinced Paul to stop at the beach after we checked out, so I got to stick my feet in the Atlantic one more time, and Adam was excited because there were piping plovers running up and down the sand looking for crabs the big waves were churning up. Then we drove to the Air Mobility Command Museum at Dover Air Force Base, where in addition to the historic planes and exhibits on the Berlin Airlift, Operation Nickel Grass, refueling in midair and the lives of enlisted men among other displays -- there was a World War II veteran talking about his time as the tail gunner on a B-17G that was shot down by the Germans, leading to the entire crew being taken prisoner, though all of them survived the war -- the museum was hosting a historic car, truck and cycle show. We ate lunch in the canteen, then drove into the center of Dover, the capital of Delaware. We visited the Biggs Museum of American Art, which has art both by Delaware artists and related to Delaware history, and toured the 1791 Georgian Old State House.

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Driving out of Dover, we discovered by accident that Dover has a terrific Pagan store, Bell, Book & Candle, where I demanded that we stop and find a parking space. Then we drove back across Kent Island and the Chesapeake Bay, electing not to stop for dinner till we were home because we knew we'd need a grocery store trip. Paul and Daniel had Jerry's pizza; Adam and I had sushi, really excellent spicy tuna rolls. The cats look like they can't quite figure out what we're doing here and why [ profile] perkypaduan isn't here, but as long as they have bags to climb in and food in their dishes, they don't seem too stressed out! And yay for Michael Phelps!
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It rained all night but the sun was out at 8 am Friday, so we went to the ocean early. The water was a bit rougher and chillier than the day before, but this provided the advantage of an uncrowded beach. The lifeguards were asking people please not to use boogie boards because the big waves and riptides caused accidents with them. The kids dug big pits and built sand castles, and we found mole crabs and looked at their eggs. My parents came down in the late morning and we all went to the pool for a while, then to the seaside deli in the Sea Colony complex.

In the afternoon we returned to Viking Golf because we had promised Adam that he could go on the big water slides at Thunder Lagoon. I stayed with him while Paul played mini golf with Daniel, then we had some of the excellent caramel corn on the little boardwalk there. My parents had dinner plans with friends and we had planned in the evening to go see Mythica, a local Celtic band, in a free outdoor concert, but there was late afternoon lightning that closed Thunder Lagoon and then a hailstorm on the way back to Bethany Beach from Fenwick Island, so instead we had tacos at the beach house.

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We had a quiet evening packing, organizing and watching the "Return To Tomorrow" episode of Stargate Atlantis. Single line spoiler. ) Saturday we're driving home by way of Dover, where we want to visit a wildlife refuge.
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Thursday morning we went to the beach, where the weather was beautiful -- low 80s -- and the ocean was too, warm and wavy without it being too rough to swim. We went out on boogie boards for a while, and dove in waves, and found lots of big mole crabs with orange eggs. After a quick swim at the pool, we went back for lunch, then went fishing in the pond with my parents' friends and their kids and grandkids. Daniel caught and released another huge catfish; Adam, who caught a sunfish that my father wanted to use as bait to catch a bigger fish, was not at all happy about the hooking and maiming, and I must admit to feeling the same way.

In the afternoon we went to Rehoboth and took the kids to the boardwalk arcade. My parents joined us and we all went to Nicola's Pizza for Nic-o-bolis, an annual tradition at the beach dating back to my childhood. Then we left my parents, stopped in a couple of Rehoboth shops, and drove to Cape Henlopen State Park in Lewes, where we went to Fort Miles' observation tower, then to the seaside nature center for a ghost crab walk, which took us through a patch of deer-filled woods past bats and cicadas to the bay, where by the light of flashlights and a nearly full moon, we saw the translucent little crabs scuttling in the sand. It started to drizzle on the way back through the trees, a lovely cool night.

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Friday is our last full day in Delaware. What we will do depends in large part on the weather. If it's miserable out, we may go to Dover or Lewes, but if it's only overcast and there's no thunder, we want to go to the beach as much as possible!
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On Thursday we drove back to Maryland for the first time since we entered Delaware on Saturday, driving through Ocean City en route to Assateague Island National Seashore. We stopped at the Barrier Island visitor center to see the film about wildlife in the park and to look at the tanks of bay fish and shellfish, then drove over the bridge and saw ponies immediately in the marsh on the other side. There were also egrets, seagulls and a great blue heron in the tall grass. We went to the bayside boardwalk where people were fishing and crabbing, then to the North Beach Life Saving Station museum, which had always been closed when we visited before. Unhappily, I lost the cap for my VR lens after the cap leash broke, which is a real pain, as it will take several days to replace...I suspect I'll mostly be using the little Nikon for the rest of the trip, particularly with so much sand around.

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Because it was already nearly two in the afternoon when we left, we stopped for lunch at a Subway in Ocean City, then came back to where we're staying and Paul and I took the kids to the beach for a late afternoon swim. The tide was nearly in and it wasn't very hot -- low 80s, perfect -- and the beach wasn't nearly as crowded as it gets in the mornings. We caught and released many mole crabs and saw seagulls and pelicans fishing for them. After the lifeguards left, we followed the kids to the pool and swam a bit before returning for dinner -- there's a grill in the beach house so dinner was hot dogs, sausages and BBQ chicken. Then we watched some Olympics and some Red Sox.
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We went to the beach on Tuesday morning, where it was a bit cooler than the day before -- low 80s -- and the water wasn't quite as rough, so I swam for longer with Paul and Daniel. Adam, who didn't want to risk being knocked over by the waves and whose legs were itching from the salt water, went to the pool nearby in the beachfront part of the community. We ate a late lunch, then my father took the kids fishing at the catch-and-release pond right near our condo. Daniel caught a very big catfish and both kids caught smaller ones, but a lot of our excitement was watching the snapping turtle steal the bait and seeing the ducks, dragonflies, and other wildlife around.

In the late afternoon, the kids wanted to go to the indoor pool, so my father took them there while my mother, Paul and I went to Sea Shell City in Fenwick Island, home of the DiscoverSea Museum -- downstairs, a big touristy store which in addition to a huge collection of shells and hermit crabs has lots of cheesy pirate, tall ship and sea life souvenirs; upstairs, a collection of artifacts from local shipwrecks plus some famous non-local wrecks like the Titanic, the Edmund Fitzgerald and La Nuestra Senora de Atocha. In the evening after dinner we took a walk and saw bats in the trees, which I suspect the boys and I enjoyed more than my mother did.

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Wednesday we are planning to go to Assateague to see the ponies, deer and other wildlife!
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The weather was beautiful after Sunday's storms, so we went to the beach in the late morning. My parents took a walk to visit friends of theirs, then went to the pool with Adam, whose legs were itching in the salt water after getting scraped in the marsh the other day. Daniel was swimming in the ocean and we hung out in the surf with him. Eventually we washed off, went back to the beach house for lunch, then went to Viking Golf -- an annual tradition -- where, after one round of mini golf which I believe my father won, my mother and I took Adam to the go-karts and snow cones while my father, Daniel and Paul played another round.

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We had dinner at the Cottage Cafe, then headed to the Bethany Beach boardwalk, where the kids got ice cream -- Daniel wanted soft serve dipped in hard chocolate shell, Adam wanted make-your-own-sundae -- and we walked on the beach and into a couple of stores. I got some salt water taffy to give as gifts, and a little Ameribag micro to keep around my waist with my cell phone and money when I don't feel like carrying the big purse. In the evening the kids played Scrabble with my mother, though the game was called on account of darkness!
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I was woken up Sunday morning at 5:30 a.m. by sunlight streaming through my window, then again at 7:30 by thunder, which is a pretty reasonable summary of my day as well. In the morning after breakfast, younger son and I took a walk to see some local wildlife including turtles and the swans and geese that live in this community. By the time we got back, it had clouded over, and by the time we reached the beach, it was thundering so we had to turn around. It proceeded to storm for the next several hours, during which time we ate lunch and Paul and I went out to the Seaside Country Store and Float-Ors, plus the food store for fresh fruit and milk for the week. Eventually the rain stopped and my parents took the kids to the pool.

In the late afternoon, the sun came out and I finally got to go to the beach, where Adam and I found sand crabs and watched plovers and gulls. The sand was churned up and full of shell fragments from the storm, and the water was as warm as the air. Walking back, we saw a rabbit. My mother made lasagna for dinner and after eating, we all needed a walk, so we figured we would take the kids to get ice cream, but while we were in the store, another thunderstorm arrived and we ended up walking back in the rain with big bolts of lightning flashing across the sky.

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In the evening Daniel tried to get my parents to watch Robot Chicken with little success, so we watched some Olympics and some of yesterday's Redskins pre-season game. Now I am fried from being woken up so early!
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