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Black Nikes )

This is the kind of day I had. There was company from cats aplenty, but I have a screaming headache from the paint and the time of month, and indigestion from the school fundraiser at California Tortilla for dinner, so rather than whining any more, I will let the photos do the talking:

Paint Headache )

Not even Boston Legal improved my fact it distinctly annoyed me, between Denny and the Fat Girl and Alan either being unable or refusing to distinguish between Torah and Israeli politics (if he were a politician rather than a fictional character, I'd be seething). I've figured out what I like about Carl, too; they're now writing him exactly the way they wrote Paul Lewiston except Carl is allowed to have sex with Shirley. Which kind of begs the question, why couldn't Paul have had sex with Shirley? Sigh. Briefer spoilers than usual. )
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Shadow March )

My terrifying activity for the day was cleaning everything out of the kids' bathroom. The stuff under the sink wasn't so bad, even though I discovered that we still had the nasal aspirator and rectal thermometer we'd bought when older son was an infant -- since the advent of the ear thermometer we've never gone looking for the latter, for which I am profoundly grateful -- and there were about nine bottles of shampoo that no one in the house remembered using, plus a miniature bottle of lotion that I bought to bring to I said, terrifying. Anyway, it's been thrown out, as have the toys that have been in the net in the tub for so long that I don't want to describe their condition. I did manage to save a miniature Marvin the Paranoid Android (and I don't want to know which of my kids brought him in the tub, nor why!)

Took younger son out to find a new mask and gloves because his penguin costume no longer fits, then drove him to Hebrew school, then wrote an article about Martian Child, in which the screenwriters made the protagonist, John Cusack's character straight -- now THIS pisses me off, considering that the character's homosexuality was critical to his sense of alienation in the novella, but I'm sure there are far fewer people who will get upset about this than about Harry Potter not being gay enough, and I'm sure legendary slash-hater David Gerrold can rationalize that maybe a contemptible female audience will appreciate the genius of his story if enough of them find John Cusack hot. (What, me, still irritated?) In the evening we carved our pumpkins:

The Night Before Halloween )

After the kids finally went upstairs -- I can't say "to bed" since they proceeded to stall for nearly 45 minutes -- those of us over 14 watched Boston Legal, where Alan attempted to explain to Lorraine what happened to him at 14 that makes him so inept with her and Katie made me cry, and I was completely identifying with a woman I find horrifying and scary. Spoilers. ) This is one of my favorite Boston Legal episodes in a while and the new cast is growing on me.
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Sekhmet, the Lion-headed Goddess of War )

In a rare reversal of how things usually work, the delivery people from Sears said they would arrive between 9 and 11 to install our microwave...and it's a good thing I was a bit late getting into the shower, because they were here at 8:30. This caused great excitement among the cats, each of whom struggled valiantly to get into the box from which the new microwave emerged, but the old microwave had to be deposited in it to be hauled away, causing much woe. After the microwave was installed, however, I had to clean the counters and that inspired some cleaning out of cabinets and oh, did it cause excitement when there was enough space for a kitten to hide in a cabinet! Unfortunately she knocked out a cracked plastic bowl that I managed to shred one finger on while collecting it to throw out. Ouch.

Wrote a review of "The Outrageous Okona", probably not as scathing as it should have been but what the heck, I'm feeling lots of affection toward TNG these days, especially when there are fun guest stars. Even though I said some of these things myself, I will link to EW on Dumbledore, because he said it more coherently than I the time I got around to articulating these things, I was sickened by some of the comments I was seeing.

Had dinner with [ profile] thescarletwoman and [ profile] jateshi at Minerva, the Indian restaurant where I sometimes go with [ profile] cidercupcakes -- I've never been there for dinner before and the platters are fantastic. We talked music and anime and fandom and theater, and [ profile] jateshi promised to teach me about doujinshi. And it was wonderful to meet [ profile] thescarletwoman in the flesh at last! After dinner we went out for ice cream, which I really didn't need but it meant that we could keep yakking for awhile before we had to go retrieve the kids from my parents, who had taken them to Clyde's. My mother brought me a tie-dye shirt back from San Diego, so now I am in hippie undersea colors and feeling mellow.

Cats and Boxes )

[ profile] fridayfiver: Fresh-e-Freshy )
[ profile] thefridayfive: Halloween )
[ profile] fannish5: The Creepiest )

Plans Saturday depend on the weather, and how wet the ground is even if the air is dry!
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Buying a Star )

Another day without much excitement. Throat is not better but at least is not worse. Tongue is about the same, which is disturbing! Kitten is adorable (see below). Kids are very loud. My only major venturing-forth was to a local toy store that is having a 20% off sale, in search of Chanukah presents but all we ended up buying were a series of dragon books for Adam. I had my 2008 calendars for relatives' holiday gifts delivered from Shutterfly and they looked so awesome that I worked on a poster for Adam of himself with penguins and another for me of the Chalice Well and magical English places. Need to come up with an idea for a poster for Daniel -- there was a time it would have been trains, but these days it's computers and video games and I don't have photos of that!

Kitten Afternoons )

Trek news has been moderately entertaining -- Patrick Stewart wanting to do Doctor Who, Paul McGillion a front-runner to play Scotty (also Poseidon's Vogel in the running for Kirk), George Takei saying he doesn't sweat any bad things that happen to his Heroes character because he expects to bounce back. Watched the Smallville season premiere and sat there thinking, "This isn't really very good, why am I enjoying it so much?" and then realized in the final moments -- spoilers. ) And it's pouring rain. Hopefully breaking today's heat for a lovely weekend!
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The Naming of Cats )

The only notabale event of my Thursday was picking up our kitten, who is going to stay "Daisy" after's on all her papers and I was calling her that for the half hour I spent talking to the foster mother, and then Adam came home from school and was calling her "Daisy" too even though "Autumn" was his suggestion for a name, and Daniel agreed that she should stay "Daisy," so Daisy it is! Although she has had all her shots and has been treated as a precaution for worms, ear mites, etc., the foster mom suggested keeping her apart from our cats for a week...which worked for, oh, maybe three hours, until Cinnamon discovered that she can jump the baby gate we had up in the bedroom doorway.

However, Cinnamon's reaction to meeting Daisy was to mewl pathetically, back into a corner and then flee the room! She has been hiding down the basement for most of the evening and the one time we carried her up for a proper introduction, she acted like a big scaredy cat. I don't know whether this is because Daisy is currently residing in my bedroom, which is Cinnamon's domain for most of the day, or if Daisy smells funny to her because of the spay sutures or what. Rosie reacted much more to form...ignoring Daisy entirely until she discovered that Daisy gets rich kitten food, then trying to hiss and take over the food dish, but Daisy was not in the least intimidated! She spent most of the afternoon chasing a long lanyard-type cat pesker before falling asleep in the middle of the carpet, ignoring the cat bed. Figures. *g*

Daisy and the Pesker String )

Otherwise, I wrote up a fun interview with Nichelle Nichols and an article about how J.J. Abrams is blowing off his obligations to Warner Bros TV to make Star Trek, and watched the nearly unwatchable "Conspiracy" so I can review it tomorrow (for the third day in a row, editor has asked me to write up a Suzie Plakson interview that says the same thing she said to me in person at Shore Leave plus some new hype for her "maybe I can get Trekkies to buy my vanity CD too!" and for the third day in a row I have said "You must be joking, I had two real articles to write"). Did I mention that I dreamed two nights ago that I was interviewing Zachary Quinto and he got a phone call that Leonard Nimoy had died and we were hugging each other and sobbing? I am sure this says something about transferring my affections from the old cast to the new...
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The Scholars )

I am sure I have explained before how we came to adopt our younger cat, Cinnamon, and the important life lesson learned that day: Do not go into the pet store on a day when the SPCA is visiting with kittens unless you are fully prepared to go home with one. Once again, we have failed to heed that lesson, though we did not come home with our chosen kitten and now I am nervous, because the woman who runs the shelter never called us as we were told that she would (it was an associate of hers who was there with the cats today). We went into Petco to get litter, and there were the kittens, and there was one who was trying to get our attention by sticking her paw through the bars of the cage, and we played with her, and she was adorable beyond adorable because the other four kittens were also adorable though a bit more skittish, and...well, you know how it goes...

Daisy )

Sorry about all the blur -- she was constantly in motion! Because she has not yet been spayed, we were told we couldn't take her home today and would need to talk to the woman who runs the shelter, so we filled out the paperwork and went out to do other chores and take the kids to [ profile] vertigo66's son's birthday party, which was lots of fun for me because I got to see her husband, sisters and brother-in-law whom I rarely talk to and I like all of them. (We may never be invited back, however, as Daniel was running his mouth inappropriately to much younger children.) But the woman from the shelter still hasn't called and now I am afraid that when she got back, someone else persuaded her to let them adopt the kitten since we weren't there to insist that we saw it first!
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Great Sleeps I Have Known )

I had a really good lunch with [ profile] gblvr at La Madeleine -- half a turkey sandwich on croissant, pasta salad, a cup of tomato bisque soup, and then she got too full to eat her chocolate cream puff so in the interests of being a good friend and preventing wastefulness I very graciously agreed to eat it for her. *g* It's hard for a day to improve after that, but we walked down to Toys R Us (no Titanic Barbie, sadly) and then went to look for book covers for our kids at A.C. Moore, where the Spookytown line of Halloween decorations are on sale this week, and I had to have the witches at the stone circle! I really need to put up shelves for my Halloween decorations; right now they get displayed on the countertop in the downstairs bathroom, which is silly.

Trek news was confirmation that Anton Yelchin will play Chekov, which is very cool as far as I'm concerned because he's the son of champion Soviet ice skaters who were denied a spot on the 1972 Olympic team because they're Jewish, so they emigrated to the US and he grew up here. Almost as cool, a rumor that Zoe Saldana aka Anamaria from Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl may play Uhura, which would be awesome assuming they gave her more to do than open hailing frequencies. Apparently there's a rumor going around that the plot is a sort of variation on Della Van Hise's Killing Time (regrettably without all the K/S) in which adult Spock, played by Nimoy, must try to stop the Romulans from changing history by protecting young Kirk -- this would mean Nimoy had a big role in the movie, which I favor, but also means they could completely reboot canon, which I am not in favor of at all. So hopefully this is mostly incorrect.

Cat and Katydid )

I know I have already linked to one Onion article in the past week, and I very nearly linked to the one about the director who was, shockingly, staging The Merchant of Venice in Renaissance Italy, but this one, though old, made me howl so much that I have to share: "New Oliver Stone 9/11 Film Introduces 'Single Plane' Theory". Because sometimes you have to laugh so you don't cry, you know?
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Pigeons at Dawn )

Starting to get a bit crazed with pre-beach plans. We're leaving Saturday morning, the same time as the Chesapeake Bay Blues Festival is starting at Sandy Point State Park in Annapolis, which means that traffic in the vicinity of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge is going to be even more insane than is typical for an August weekend...and I'm not so sure I'm in the mood to drive over a bridge, even though the views from this one are beautiful. Threw in laundries that I need to fold tomorrow and took the kids to buy some essentials, which to them included Rayman Raving Rabbids for the DS and flash drives (which they are, in fairness, going to need for school in the fall anyway) to bring all their vital gaming links.

We had lunch with [ profile] apaulled at Minerva, the wonderful Indian restaurant where I have eaten several times with [ profile] juleskicks yet only just discovered that they have a location in! They have the best food of any of the local buffets and are only a dollar more per person at they decided that they had overcharged us for the kids, even though the kids eat more than most adults, and gave us a $10 gift certificate to make it up to us! More joy! Trek news about Whoopi Goldberg joining The View and Leonard Nimoy being in love with J.J. Abrams not so thrilling but what can you do.

Cat-Packing )

In the evening I had to watch one of the dreadful Next Gen episodes to review, and then I got an irresistible urge to watch the Buffy musical which happens every once in a while. So we did, with older son and myself singing along while younger son rolled his eyes at us. Despite his proclamations that it was boring, he did stay through the entire thing and keep up a running commentary. We stopped watching Buffy because older son got very upset when Xander broke off the wedding and Anya became a demon again -- he was quite young at the time -- and then after the Spike attempted rape we decided we could not have the show on at 8 because he was still awake, and then we taped it all season and forgot to watch, so there are still late Spuffy-era episodes I have never seen, though I saw the lead-up to the finale. Someday I shall catch up, because my love for Buffy as a character really knows no bounds.
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Eating the Peach )

Despite missing Shore Leave (and [ profile] syredronning, waah...hope you got home safe and sound!), I persuaded [ profile] watergal to come to the disaster area that is my house, luring her with promises of Star Trek books and Shatner gossip. Which we had in abudance. We went out for Thai food and I ate far more than I needed to but it was worth it! ([ profile] vertigo66, we tried to track you down and drag you along -- will see you very soon though!) In my haste to keep her safe from my cats -- how come cats seem to have an unerring instinct for when someone is allergic to them and seek maximum contact? -- I forgot to give her a Captain Kirk puzzle book, so she will have to come back after next Shore Leave.

The kids apparently had a good time at camp -- younger son, who had sworn off soccer after the season ended, played it for half the day, and older son scored a goal so was quite pleased with himself. I fought for awhile with to download the new commentary to the director's cut of Star Trek: The Motion Picture, only to discover I couldn't tell which of the commentators was talking when. Watched Tootsie while folding laundry -- talk about a guilty pleasure, but I still love that movie -- and received lots of assistance, as shown below.

Sleeps With Cats )

I'm so sad about British courtroom wigs, though of course that is easy to say as I neither have to buy nor wear one. And does Rosie swearing that she will not appear on The Apprentice in this lifetime or the next mean that she's already under contract and now the publicity begins?
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May Day )

I never made it into the shower Friday morning, because five minutes after I sent younger son off to school, the phone rang. It was the school office: it was younger son's day to bring snack for his school book group, and he sort of forgot that he needed two large bags of chip-type food. So I was at Giant before 9 a.m., not the way I had intended to start my day. Worse, on the way home I noticed that the minivan had a light on the dashboard that said, ominiously, "CHECK" without any sort of illustration or note about specifically what needed to be checked. I called [ profile] apaulled, who announced that, oh yeah, the light had come on for him too when he had driven older son to the bus stop earlier and we really should get it checked out. So I lost my transportation for the day to the Toyota dealer, where it turned out to need its air sensors (or something like that) replaced.

The good news is that the van parts were under warranty, and we got it back in the evening after dinner with my parents. And to make it up to me for being stuck in the house, husband picked up The Glastonbury Tarot for me at a local metaphysical store, yay! I wrote a review of The Next Generation's "The Big Goodbye", possibly better than it deserved, but the supporting cast was terrific and it was fun to see Picard not frowning for a change! And, I mean, so Wesley saves the ship again, big deal -- he still annoys me less than Seven of Nine, Wonder Borg. Oh, we ended up watching Stargate: Atlantis and I really loved this episode, though it was not nearly as hyped to me as other episodes this season, and I think it's because I liked Teyla in it, plus John was great under pressure (and got to tell Ronon he was disturbed) and I like Rodney best when he's cataloguing all the ways in which they're screwed. I enjoy that show when I watch it but I just have no urge to wade into that fandom or any other fandom at the moment!

[ profile] fridayfiver: Now and Always )
[ profile] thefridayfive: Nudity/Body Awareness )
[ profile] fannish5: Attractive Qualities )
[ profile] hp_fridayfive: Preferences )

Cats In Bags )

I really want to go see the new Amelia Earhart exhibit in Oklahoma City. Anyone here who can tell me about it? *g* I am pleased to report that older son has brought his grade up significantly in science, though he is still grounded due to the Mother's Day Incident and did not get to play computer games (which makes me officially the Meanest Mother Alive, so all the rest of you moms are off the hook). [ profile] vertigo66 and I are going to try to take our families to Spider-Man this weekend while everyone else is at Shrek, so maybe I will get some points for that!
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Ringing )

I had another quiet day...the sore in my mouth is better but my stomach was off, maybe because I ate so erratically yesterday, and I ended up doing stupid lie-around-the-house things like putting my own photos in my MySpace layouts. Wrote three silly Star Trek articles -- Walter Koenig on how he hopes Chekov has a bigger part this time around, Kate Mulgrew on how so many actresses are self-absorbed, they think about things like Lincoln's assassination only in terms of how it impacts them (*snickers and refrains from comments*), Roy Jenson dying and, despite being a World War II veteran, a professional football player and a longtime actor, being remembered most of all for reading the Sacred Text of E Plebnista. Took younger son to Hebrew school and stopped in to see the mobile he helped buy for the youth lounge, started cooking dinner which my husband finished in between rides to and from soccer practice, waved to older son in passing as he was walking home while I was carpooling. And I witnessed a domestic crisis:

Bionicle Defense )

Enjoyed reading about the brightest supernova on record, and scientists worrying about what will happen when a huge star closer to Earth explodes -- I always find it rather hopeful to think that human life on Earth may be destroyed by natural processes rather than because humans wreck the environment or launch nuclear missiles, as warped as that sounds. The local news was horrific -- a kid killed in a freak accident when a soccer goalpost fell on him -- so I barely paid attention to the Fort Dix situation or the Queen's departure. But I did really enjoy Boston Legal, which this week decided to take on Guantanamo and torture, in between bouts of Shirley warning Jerry not to make any moves on Denny's boyfriend. My love for this show knows no bounds even when it is total screeching crack, but when it hits on something serious, it's even better. Spoilers. )
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Engaging Venus )

The themes of this entry will be cats and Boston Legal, so if both those things bore you, you might as well skip it. [ profile] perkypaduan and I went to the mall to get my key duplicated so she can get into my house and bond with Rosie and Cinnamon while I am in England, ate at the new Mediterranean place in the food court and looked at tchotchkes (I bought such very important things as a penguin pencil for younger son, a "Video Games! Why Waste Technology On Medicine?" magnet for older son, and a pair of goofy $6 rainbow-colored earrings for me). Then we came back here, neglected the aforementioned cats who were demanding food, and watched the fishing and spa episodes from last season's BL (the one where Alan says he and Denny are lovers and they sleep together, and the one where Denny explains to their manicurists that they like to go fishing together a la Brokeback Mountain). When BL is good, it is very very good, and when cats are bad, they are...

Toilet Pests )

Had a bit of carpool chaos since younger son got out of Hebrew school at the same time older son got off the late bus because he stayed for chorus rehearsal. [ profile] apaulled picked up Ledo's Pizza because it was a fundraising night for the school, and my stomach is apparently quite annoyed with me for eating it. So I was rather distracted during the new BL episode, though I liked all three storylines and was bummed that Denny's argument with Bethany about Israel got such short shrift. Spoilers. )
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A Declaration of Faith )

Poor Rosie had to go to the vet today to have her rotting tooth removed and it turned out she had another that was broken and infected...poor kitty! She is home now but very unhappy, avoiding all of us, rubbing her face on everything, whining for food but we have been ordered to give her only very small amounts of wet food for now. And worst of all, she must take pills, the bane of all cat existence! I anticipate scratching and biting in my near future.

Rosie and Cinnamon help [ profile] apaulled read the newspaper. And by "help" I mean that Cinnamon grooms his hair while Rosie nudges his hand until he pets her, and both will sit on the newspaper to prevent page-turning if it becomes necessary to get his attention.

Being short one cat during the afternoon, I went to visit [ profile] perkypaduan, who fed me comfort soup like tomato soup, grilled cheese and a peanut butter Easter egg and gave me horror short stories to read. Came home and wrote up such entertaining Trek news as David Gerrold restoring his gay-themed Next Generation script for New Voyages (note: this does not make Gerrold any less of a creep -- funny how he gets to slash Kirk's nephew and that's legit, but all other slash is written by pathetic women with no lives according to him), and a Finnish MP campaigning in Klingon.

I also had to cover Linda Park's debut on Raines, but although I like Jeff Goldblum, the criticisms were such that I decided I really did not need to see the show. I did watch Smallville, which I thought at first might turn out to be all a dream since there were so many dream sequences early on, but regrettably, it looks like none of the major character deaths actually happened. Younger son predicted at one point that maybe Lana would fake her own suicide to get away from both Clark and Lex, and I thought that was a brilliant idea, a win-win situation for everyone: Lana would get to have a life and the rest of us wouldn't have to watch Kristin Kreuk attempting to perform it! But sadly, it was not to be. Spoilers. )

*sings to Duke* Na na na na, na na na na, hey hey, GOODBYE! It's okay with me if VCU wins the tournament, though my father bet on Ohio State. Oh, sure, Maryland's turn to leave will come, but it's so nice to have come through the first round from behind and know that at least this won't be Duke's year yet again. (If NC wins the tournament I reserve the right to eat these words, BTW.) Penn lost to Texas A&M, no big surprise -- at least Texas A&M blew a 14-point second-half lead before going on a 31-13 run to win.

This article on Irish Jews was news to me. Interesting, and very sad that American organizations aren't doing more to support the Irish-Jewish Museum.


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