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Vos que.m semblatz dels corals amadors )

Our power came back on some time between 2 and 4 a.m. so we woke up with it working, which was lovely! But we still had to throw out a lot of what we had in the refrigerator, so we knew we had to go food shopping. We were going to go to the park at Lake Frank and then to Roots Market, but it was raining so hard that we skipped the park, and we stopped at Giant as well to get cat treats. I didn't get to walk until dinnertime when the rain finally let up. Our evening entertainment consisted of Doctor Who (good) and Class (not really doing it for me).

Here are some photos of Cavaillon Synagogue, which now also houses the Judeo-Comtadin Museum. The building's interior was designed by Catholic architects for the Jews who were allowed to live and worship in the region outside of the earlier ghettos, where they had been kept as an example of the miserable fate befalling all non-Christians, as long as they also went to church on Sundays. The dark lower room with the matzah oven was the women's worship space, while the rococo sanctuary above was reserved for men. I meant to post these for Passover but I forgot:

The Old Synagogue )


Apr. 22nd, 2017 06:15 pm
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I want to thank [personal profile] used_songs for adding me as co admin of [community profile] beautifulmechanical, our music-sharing community. it's an honor and I feel that I am up to the task.

check it out! we share music daily, and you can share your music too :)

gripey things

Apr. 22nd, 2017 03:47 pm
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list du jour

(feel free to skip, typing this for future reference)

~used a new facial moisturizer today, & the mild scent gave me a headache, it's been hours now.

~sounds are bothering me today, most sounds.

~had a great(?) idea for a small business this morning: a veterinary nurse who makes house calls. research this, contact former employers for advice & info. could be lucrative.

~it rained today. we have been in a drought since forever. yay!

Our cat is ill :~(

Apr. 21st, 2017 09:50 pm
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For those of you who haven’t already seen me, Dara, or Paul posting about this on social media, last night we found out that our cat George has an aggressive cancer. It is very likely we’ll have to put him down some time in the next couple of weeks. 🙁

This has pretty much blindsided us. George had been in uncertain health this year anyway due to his liver, and has been on medication for that–but this was practically out of the blue and we had almost no warning, except for George acting a trifle weird and uncharacteristically needy on Wednesday night. Yesterday, he wasn’t eating or taking water, and he threw up–with some pink in it.

So Paul took him to the vet last night for an emergency examination. The verdict came back that he’s got an aggressive cancer. His lymph nodes had swollen, and his white blood count was very high.

Kitty’s on a lot of meds right now, his previous liver meds as well as painkillers and anti-nausea meds so that he can actually eat and take water. So he’s kind of logey and slow, but at least right now he is in fact eating.

There is never a good time for your pet to be ill, but this is particularly crappy timing given that I’m having the surgery this coming Monday. While Dara and I will be busy with that, Paul will need to take George in for further followups. So Monday’s going to be a barrel of fun all around. @.@

And I’ll just be hoping the little fuzzmonster makes it through the next week or so. I’d been kind of looking forward to letting him sleep in my lap while I’m recovering. Looks like we’ll both be doing a lot of resting.

Everybody hug your pets and tell them how good they are, okay?

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Greetings from Sugarloaf

Apr. 22nd, 2017 12:48 am
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We're at my parents' house watching the end of the Nationals-Mets game after The Americans because our entire neighborhood has no electricity. Earlier, after Maddy left for California in the morning, there was a thunderstorm that was relatively minor where we were, upcounty by Sugarloaf Mountain, but it caused a lot of damage near home, including trees down all through Cabin John Park and another across the main road to our development, taking the power lines with it.

We had a nice afternoon on the Countryside Artisans' spring tour at Heron's Meadow Farm (a tea farm that also sells pottery), Something Earthy pottery studio (where I was bitten by a chicken), Art of Fire (glassblowing and Renfaire artisan sales), and Dancing Leaf Farm (handmade wool), plus a stop at Petco for kitty litter. We were going to go food shopping but learned we had no power, so we had dinner with my parents and are now trying to do our computer chores from here!

Countryside Artisans )


Apr. 21st, 2017 07:56 pm
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LOL so I'm to "The Witch" in my Buffy rewatch. Which I mention because it's the third episode and Xander has ALREADY gone full Nice Guy.

This is why I always kill Kaidan on Virmire, you sleep with someone in ME2 after he's told you to fuck off and in 3 he starts talking about how he ~forgives~ you for ~cheating~ on him. (Again, he told you to fuck off, so you moved on.)

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Soooo as mentioned a few times, I have gotten super into gaming in the last couple of years? Hilariously, it was my mother who got me into it. She bought a used X-Box when she and Dad were living in Australia, and got hooked on Mass Effect, and at one point, after she got back, she finally dragged me over to the couch, put a controller in my hand, and made me play, because she was so sure I'd like it. SHE WASN'T WRONG. Friggin' Bioware, man.

Anyway, here are my 'canon' characters for the Mass Effect and Dragon Age games. )

YEP. Tell me about your various Wardens/Hawkes/Inquisitors/Shepards/Ryders!
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(Alternately, if you're in more of a space opera mood, friendly reminder that Buffy Summers and James Vega are married and have two children IRL!)


Apr. 21st, 2017 10:20 am
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weekend listy:

~get my special weekly treat via starbux

~sweep & clean patio because pool daze are upon us

~sweep front porch & pull weeds bc it looks necessary

~I don't know what else but, maybe, relax for once?

~not laundry

UpWords - Max Lucado: 21 April 2017

Apr. 21st, 2017 08:02 am
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Our Best Days are Ahead

Today's MP3

Perhaps you can relate to the deflated little fellow I saw in an airport terminal. Everything about the dad’s expression said, “Hurry up! We have to run if we’re going to make the connection.” Can the little fellow keep up? Mom could. The big brothers could. But the little guy? He tried to match his parents’ pace, but he just couldn’t. Can you relate? Sometimes the challenge is just too much. It’s not that you don’t try. You just run out of fight.

The story of Joshua in the Bible dares us to believe our best days are ahead of us. A life in which the Bible says we are anxious for nothing, we are praying always; a life in which Paul says, we are giving thanks to God the Father through Him. (Philippians 4:6). We may stumble but we don’t collapse. God has a promised land for us to take!

From Glory Days

Poem for Friday and Brookside Tulips

Apr. 21st, 2017 12:01 am
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Living With Pain )

After morning rain, Thursday felt like summer -- temperature around 80, plenty of humidity -- though we still have so many dogwood and azaleas in bloom that it looked like spring. Paul had an interview, so I took Maddy to the doctor and realized driving home that if my leg kept seizing up, I wouldn't be able to hit the brake, so I called the doctor and demanded to be seen that afternoon (which meant the P.A. on that kind of notice).

Before that appointment, though, Denise came over and we discussed the world and happier thoughts while shopping at Forever 21 and playing with cats. I had not seen her in ages so that was lovely! When she left, I went to the doctor and convinced the P.A. that Advil was not doing it for me, though I am very claustrophobic and the earliest Open MRI appointment is mid-May, so I have to decide whether pain overrules fear of being crushed.

Maddy is going to California for a few days very early Friday morning, so we had Tofurkey ham with her for dinner and took her to the mall to pick up some movie posters for a friend of hers. Since everything we watch is in reruns, we put on a couple of Bones episodes (still not even through season ten and I see what people mean about how gross the murders get). Here are some photos from our April trips to Brookside Gardens, all of which involved tulips:

Tulip Season )
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Go with the Flow

by Joyce Meyer - posted April 20, 2017

But the meek [in the end] shall inherit the earth and shall delight themselves in the abundance of peace.
—Psalm 37:11

We can learn to get along with people. It is especially important to learn to get along with our immediate family members and coworkers. There are many informative books about personality differences to help us understand why people feel and act the way they do. Understanding helps to smooth over strained relationships.

People make decisions differently. Some give an immediate answer, while others want time to think about things first. Try to understand the people you will see today. Ask God to show you ways to get along with them. He will give you favor as you trust in Him.

From the book Starting Your Day Right by Joyce Meyer. Copyright © 2003 by Joyce Meyer. Published by FaithWords. All rights reserved.


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