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Myself, [ profile] the_reverand, [ profile] aesc and [ profile] mrkinch in Boston. Reminder to self: when posing with people of average to above-average height, bring phone books to stand on.

Adam singlehandedly reenacting the Boston Tea Party.

Daniel being a powder monkey on the USS Constitution...

...and practicing to go to sea at Mystic Seaport.

Me and [ profile] windsweptaway, one of my oldest and best friends from Trek fandom.

Paul and the kids at the Marconi site, Cape Cod.

My kids and their cousin Isabel near the moon at the American Museum of Natural History. The other two cousins were already melting down.

In-laws still here. Younger son's orientation is tomorrow morning, not tomorrow afternoon, nice of the school to give us so much advance notification. Older son's doctor appointment delayed by nearly an hour, which I guess is to be expected in the current medical climate. But, you know, I did get to eat California Tortilla two days in a row, and was able to bring in Burger King for kids without having to eat any myself!

GIP, stolen from here. Want. But want the Geoff Hunt book even more.


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