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By John Masefield

One road leads to London,
One road leads to Wales,
My road leads me seawards
To the white dipping sails.

One road leads to the river,
And it goes singing slow;
My road leads to shipping,
Where the bronzed sailors go.

Leads me, lures me, calls me
To salt green tossing sea;
A road without earth's road-dust
Is the right road for me.

A wet road heaving, shining,
And wild with seagull's cries,
A mad salt sea-wind blowing
The salt spray in my eyes.

My road calls me, lures me
West, east, south, and north;
Most roads lead men homewards,
My road leads me forth.

To add more miles to the tally
Of grey miles left behind,
In quest of that one beauty
God put me here to find.


Arrr! I'm no good at talking like a pirate (well, not the sort of pirates celebrated on International Talk Like a Pirate Day) so I will simply wish everyone good pillaging and report the following:

Your Cruise Director, your pirate name is
Cap'n Slovenly Eye
What is YOUR pirate name?

The pirate ship at the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire.

The ship is, in fact, an armory, with weapons for sale in the hold and auctioned on deck.

It has all the expected skeletons hanging from the rigging and black sails.

And even cannons!

But landlubbers, too, can find pirate accoutrements in the Faire's busy shopping district.

I had a fairly uneventful Tuesday, other than I ended up having lunch with my husband -- Indian food at Minerva, ooh yes! Wrote some unenthralling Star Trek news but most of my entertainment for the day was finding out that Drew Barrymore and Jessica Lange will be starring in a dramatization of Grey Gardens for HBO and a Nebraska State Senator is suing God (as [livejournal.com profile] apaulled said, Boston Legal really should do a reenactment of this storyline).

In the evening we put on 10 Things I Hate About You. Though the kids presumed that it would be lame based on the fact that their parents wanted to watch it, they know Heath Ledger from A Knight's Tale and Julia Stiles from the Bourne movies and it's a movie about a high school where the counselor curses and the kids misbehave, so they stuck around and enjoyed it a lot. Then we told them that since they had just watched The Taming of the Shrew, we were sure they wouldn't mind going to see an abbreviated version at the Maryland Renaissance Festival in a couple of weeks. There was eye-rolling but no real objection. Go me!


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