Jun. 18th, 2017

To A Butterfly )

I got up relatively early for a Saturday to message Adam while he was in the airport in Munich en route to Greece, where he arrived several hours later and went to see the beach and boats right near his hotel in Rhodes! It was otherwise a quiet chore-related morning. After lunch, we went to meet Alice, Jeremy, and Avery at the mall, which was unexpectedly mobbed (though Alice and I got bubble tea anyway), then a walk in Cabin John Park.

Paul and I made a long-overdue visit to Giant before dinner to get -- well, pretty much everything -- then had veggie burgers and riblets for dinner before Doctor Who (again this season I like the cast better than the scripting but I liked The Unexpected Person At The End), Orphan Black (my poor sisters and DIE FERDINAND DIE), and Graham Norton with Rachel Weisz. Butterflies from Brookside Gardens earlier this spring:

Wings of Fancy )


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