Jun. 9th, 2017

Yeah I'm totally behind on everything, for which you can blame, in no particular order, James Comey, Congress, and Donald Trump; Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn; my physical therapist David and his assistant Paula, whom I saw this morning; Target, which did not have the yoga mat I wanted in Rockville though their web site said they did so we went to Gaithersburg again and took a walk to see the geese again; Peter Bradley Adams, who released a new CD; my brother- and sister-in-law Jon and Brooke, who gave us a gift certificate for Sala Thai in Bethesda, where we took Adam for dinner since it's right near NIH; the Orioles and Nationals, who played this evening (it did not end or indeed start well for Baltimore); and Mattel, whose web site is refusing to take my coupon so I can afford a Wonder Woman Barbie. Have a spectacular Virgin and Child from the Sainte-Marthe Royal Collegiate Church in Tarascon:


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