May. 19th, 2017

Of History and Hope )

I can't bear to deal with politics or celebrity deaths so I'm just not talking about them. It was very hot on Thursday, so hot that I thought maybe I'd skip taking a walk, though then Pokemon Go started an Adventure Week event with Indiana Jones hats and extra rock type Pokemon and I had to go chase down some Kabutos and a Shuckle. Because we had to go shopping since Adam is coming home for the summer tomorrow, Paul and I decided to go to Sheba for Ethiopian food for lunch, which was fabulous. We also went food shopping and went to look at the Brood X cicadas emerging four years early all over our county.

We watched this week's The Handmaid's Tale, which represents a significant departure from the book, but is very effective -- the story feels much less timeless, much more anchored in our specific political moment, but that also makes it utterly terrifying rather than generally unnerving. We also caught up on Blindspot, which was so tech-girl powerful and shipper-perfect that I'm almost sorry the show is coming back -- it could have been one like Forever and Limitless that I remembered as never doing a bad episode. Here are some Brookside reptiles from our visit in cooler weather earlier in the week:

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