May. 8th, 2017

The Drunken Boat )

I had very lovely, very full Sunday starting with brunch downtown with my parents plus my father's brother Mickey and his wife Lesley, who were in town because she had a work conference. We ate at Juniper in the Fairmont and my eggs benedict were delicious. Afterward, we sat in the beautiful lobby and caught up until they had to leave for their plane, at which point we went with my parents to the National Gallery of Art, where I asked to see the Bazille exhibit in the East Wing. The early Impressionist paintings are lovely and it's fascinating to see the contortions of the curators not to address the obvious homoerotic images in the paintings. We also got to see Hahn/Cock, the giant blue rooster on the roof, and the newly renovated Rothko gallery along with Barnett Newman's Stations of the Cross series.

Sunday Downtown )

Late in the afternoon, Paul and I did a bunch of fun shopping: Pier 1, which was having a sale on their outdoor lighting so I got a Moroccan lantern for $16, then REI, where I got the hiking boots I have long wanted, and since we were in Rockville, we went to the Big Greek Cafe which recently opened as an offshoot of the one near Olney. Then we came home for the Once Upon a Time musical, which I loved except that I was hoping Emma would come to her senses and NOT marry Hook (the best part was Josh and Ginnifer singing to each other as husband and wife, plus everything Regina and Zelena do). Sadly, Madam Secretary was not a musical, but it was still good, as was Elementary, and we just finished this week's awesome John Oliver rant about saving net neutrality!


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