Apr. 4th, 2017

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Monday was a really pretty day out. Alice came over early to pick up Maddy and take her to get manicures, so I did chores while they were gone, including putting together a storage bench with legs and doing laundry. We hung out a bit when they got back, then Alice went home and Paul came to the mall with myself and Maddy so we could all get froyo after I picked something up at Sears.

We stopped briefly at the park, then came home and watched most of the Orioles' opening day game against the Blue Jays (it was a good opening day -- the Os beat Toronto, the Nats beat Miami). Then like a lot of America we watched the very close Gonzaga-NC NCAA tournament final, and I don't understand why Gonzaga didn't try for the 3. Some more pics of the eagles at Riverbend Park:

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