Mar. 9th, 2017

Martha )

Wednesday was a gorgeous day, which makes me feel even more accomplished when I announce that three of my four laundries are now folded! We went for a walk in Cabin John Park, which still has crocuses and now has daffodils and early cherry blossoms too. I am traumatized that CBS has cast Jason Isaacs in Discovery; I was really ready to be done with Star Trek, especially with paying for Star Trek, and now I may have to track down All Access, sigh.

We caught up on The 100, which continues to be excellent -- most feminist show on TV -- before the return of Designated Survivor, which has a couple of interesting women and a trio of stereotypes all circling Kirkman, who needs to be more interesting himself instead of always being acted upon. Here are some photos from Tarascon, where Martha went to preach after arriving in Gaul with her brother Lazarus, who became the first Bishop of Marseille:

The Saint and the Monster )


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