Jan. 12th, 2017

I Could Let You Go )

I did a lot of running around on Tuesday -- took Maddy to a doctor's appointment, went food shopping, visited the park, dropped Maddy off at the mall -- but it was a lot warmer than earlier in the week and that made it much nicer to be outside! We're past the solstice, I am ready for the light to come back even if it stays chilly. Of course reading the news was total hilarity this morning; sure, we should be talking about Trump's financial improprieties and appalling cabinet picks rather than scurrilous rumors that aren't even true, but who can resist all the golden puns?

I don't have a lot else to report. I folded laundry while watching the Bones season eight finale, which stretched credulity, and later the season nine premiere which was even sillier. In between, we had dinner and watched Blindspot which was tense but interesting. Of course the evening shows are having great fun with Trump, which makes the fact that they are mentioning his name tolerable. Here are photos from last fall of the National Zoo's Washed Ashore exhibit, featuring animals created from garbage retrieved from the oceans, including an appalling number of plastic bottles:

Art to Save the Sea )


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